Grey's Anatomy 3.21 - Desire Recap
Grey's Anatomy 3.21 - Desire Recap
Mitch Pileggi guest starred on tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy as the Chairman of the Seattle Grace board with a very interesting medical problem that serves as the starting point for a thematic dichotomy of the forbidden fruits of love.  What starts as a misdiagnosed STD, soon serves as the launching pad for a typically well-textured thematic narrative, Grey’s Anatomy style.

The theme is infidelity, a big issue for just about everybody at Seattle Grace - as we all know – and this episode is loaded with confrontations, coping, and incidents.   Aside from serving a diverse buffet of everything that is wrong with lust, there is plenty of study on what can be right about “Desire”.  

Pillegi’s character, Larry Jennings, is admitted with a small “personal” problem and his assistant, who is not his wife, is concerned that she might have contracted a case as well.  By the time they realize it is not an STD, their affair is out of the bag to just about everybody but Jenning’s wife Nancy.  The real problem, it turns out, is a parasite that swam up stream when Jennings took a tinkle in an Amazonian river.

Meanwhile, Callie is getting ever more aware of the closeness between George and Izzie.   How much longer before she starts calling them Gizzie? Don’t hold your breath, Callie decides to corner Izzie in the elevator and pleads with her to basically drive George away.  Izzie listens to her pain in silence and clearly has a reflective moment.

Meanwhile George gets a wakeup call from Nancy Jennings while checking in on a post op Dr. Jennings, she tells the Doc that she knows about her husband's affair. “Wives always know,”  she says, and you can see the blood run out of George’s face.  He makes a cold call on Izzie and gets the cold shoulder.  Looks like Izzie is going to take the high ground and shut George out.

The sexual tension between Alex and Addison finally comes to a head after Alex shows a little too much support during Jane Doe’s emergency c-section.  The two wind up backing into a locker room and letting their animal instincts take over.   All of this turns up on Mcsteamy’s radar who decides to hit on Meridth who gives him a quick pep talk on letting go.

All this desire gets capped off with a little good natured romp between Meredith and a refocused Derek who for once didn’t spend the episode in Type A mode.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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