Grey's Anatomy - 3.19 - My Favorite Mistake = My Favorite Grey's!
Grey's Anatomy - 3.19 -  My Favorite Mistake = My Favorite Grey's!
So it's the morning after, you just committed adultery, what do you do?  Well if your a Grey's Anatomy character, you forget it even happened... or do you?  The fallout from the Gizzie moment was heavy after the show's most unlikely coupling reached critical mass last week.  There is a theme here in this Grey's Anatomy,  something about faking honor to get what you want, only to realize you're doing it all for the wrong reasons?  Or maybe I'm looking in a puddle trying to see an ocean.   Any way you look at it, on the romance front 'My Favorite Mistake' is loaded with contrasts on the subject, and there is a bit of drama with the chief race as well.   When does Grey's Anatomy ever disappoint?

The thing with George trying to 'forget' that he slept with Izzie is a little over the top.  If this dude is having blackouts THAT severe he seriously needs to visit an AA meeting.  Izzie is getting the hint right of the bat when it turns out that Callie's folks are in town.  Then, quicker than you can say PTSD, George remembers, with some shattering self revelations.

This is where Grey's really proves itself; in just about any prime time drama adultery is something that just happens.  Its almost victim less!  Why?  Because usually it is a part of some larger manipulation committed by some character you know is a scumbag to begin with, involving some poor naive soul who really should have known better.  Or, it's the alcohol. Since the Gizzie hook up went down with a little booze, it would have been easy to let the plot line slip into a cloud of awkward glances. Thankfully the Grey's Anatomy folks have a story in mind here.

George is clearly upset and disgusted with himself and wears the act like a pair of dirty underwear.  Izzie is a little more complex to read.  For once, it is good to see guilt on both sides of the adultery.  The question is, does Izzie's feelings for George outweigh the perceived crime?  Sorry folks, if it is going to be good, and complex, it isn't going to be settled in one episode, so while we might get the strong notion that Izzie is head over heels for George and willing to cross the line even further, there is no proof we can take into court.

The ridiculous subplot with Mark's abstinence continues to be ridiculous.  Anybody that addicted to sex either needs to realize it is ok to be horny 24/7, or check into a sex addicts support group.  Maybe there is a rehab somewhere for this?  The sad thing of it is, you get tiny indications that the Alex/Addison heat might be turning up a bit.  Of course with Addison likely hitting the road for spin-off city, what can we really expect to see here.  None-the-less, it makes Mark's efforts kind of superfluous.  He sure aint doing it for self respect.  Or is he?

Of course, somewhere in all of this you have to have a pivot point of normality and that would be Cristina and Burke.  Things are just moving nicely here with their engagement, but  I've got that soap opera vibe going on here though, and can't help but wonder when it is all going to blow to hell.

Finally, there is a bit of heartfelt reflection on the whole Meredith drowning.  It was sort of being stretched beyond credibility that nobody was talking about the incident.  Derek and Meredith finally reminisced about her brush with death.  It was good to see the characters have memories that extend beyond the beginning the of the episode.

All around it was a great episode particularly because it fired on all cylinders!  And I don't mean that in the stereotypical fashion, to say it was just all around good, it literally hit all of the points that makes Grey's raise above the medical procedural niche and be just a fantastically well written drama about people that you want to care about.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer  
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