First 'Grey's Anatomy' Webisode: What Did You Think?
First 'Grey's Anatomy' Webisode: What Did You Think?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Alas, no new Grey's Anatomy webisode tonight. After last week, the next one airs next week. As we previously reported, filling in the gap until Grey's Anatomy returns next year are little five-minute webisodes to be made available on the ABC website also on Thursday nights.

The first Seattle Grace: On Call webisode aired last week, to not so great reviews, ranging from lame to outright disinterest. We can actually see why.

Grey's Anatomy meets The Office
First of all, the humor of the two show is just to different that this mockumentary thing feels weird. Grey's is not an all out comedy, so these people making outright jokes and antics feels contrived and detached.

A little side note: The Office also does webisodes, and they are, as expected, awesome at it.

Who are these people?
Speaking of detached, I have absolutely no clue who these people are. Of course, you know them, superficially, but part of the apparently lameness of this thing is it's pegged on Grey's Anatomy, dubbed Grey's Anatomy webisodes, but features none of the main cast.

Sure it wouldn't hurt to know more about some of these people, especially the interns (the Mercy Westers just wouldn't get a smidgen of sympathy from Grey's viewers, I reckon), but at least throw in a few main cast every now and then. Maybe even Bailey (Chandra Wilson) or Callie (Sara Ramirez). Those two don't get remotely enough screen time in the normal Grey's Anatomy.

Only nice thing: Joe
It was nice, though, seeing Joe the bartender.

Other than that, you're not missing a lot if you don't see a single webisode in this Seattle Grace: On Call series. If you have around five minutes to spare, though, every Thursday, you might as well.

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