Eric Dane Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'
Eric Dane Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's time to say goodbye to McSteamy. Following on the heels of Grey's Anatomy stars Chyler Leigh and Kim Raver, Eric Dane has announced that he is leaving the show.

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According to TVLine, Dane, who has played the hot-shot plastic surgeon Mark Sloan for six years, has decided to leave Grey's Anatomy to pursue other projects. However, TVLine also reports that we haven't seen the last of him yet, suggesting that Dane will at least turn up in the season 9 premiere.

Sloan was severely injured at the end of season 8 from the horrific plane crash, and he was despondent and even suicidal after the love of his life, Lexie Grey, died right in front of him. The news that Dane is leaving the show means there are two ways this can end. Either Sloan too will die in the middle of the woods, or Sloan will get better and leave Seattle Grace, unwilling to stay where Lexie worked.

Of course the latter creates obvious problems (he has a kid with Callie and Arizona), so Sloan's death seems like the most likely outcome.

Dane joined Grey's Anatomy at the end of the show's second season and quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his frequent shirtlessness and comedic timing.

However Grey's Anatomy writes him out, he will be missed on the show and Seattle Grace will definitely be in a state of turmoil in season 9 now that it's three doctors down.

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