'Greatest American Dog' Settles Down on Wednesdays
'Greatest American Dog' Settles Down on Wednesdays
Last week, we saw Greatest American Dog and Big Brother’s live eviction show trade time slots.  Last Wednesday at 8pm, which is Greatest American Dog’s new timeslot, we saw the contenders brush up their dog-handling skills in the Dog Bone Challenge, which required the owners to instruct their pets on whether or not to pick up items such as steak, tofu and sticks.  This challenge caused some contenders to realize that their pets aren’t as disciplined as they thought.

In this challenge, Tillman pushed through, painfully drooling over a piece of steak. However, this was not enough to earn them a spot in the Dog House.  J.D. and English Border Collie Galaxy soon took Travis and Presley’s place in the house.

Another challenge required both the dogs and their owners to simply be photogenic.  The teams were pictured, with the dogs expressing an adjective that they randomly selected.  Tillman unluckily got the word lazy, both literally and figuratively, and thus failed to deliver their best shot. J.D. and Galaxy’s “sneaky” shot won the judges over.

That night, Ron and Tillman, Brandy and Beacon, and Teresa and Leroy ended up in the bottom three, with Ron and Tillman getting the boot.

Greatest American Dog is created and executively produced by Emmy-winning documentary specialist R.J. Cutler, who worked on American High.  However, the show, which was expected to be a big summer hit, turned out to be bordering on lame.  In fact, the show has been getting bad reviews, which reflect the fact that there’s too much unnecessary drama in this supposedly fun and entertaining reality show.

Nonetheless, for those who are already hooked, be sure to catch the next episode of Greatest American Dog, airing tonight at 8pm on CBS.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Palestine Herald, Reuters, EW
(Photo courtesy of CBS)