'Graceland' Recap: The Truth Comes out at Last
'Graceland' Recap: The Truth Comes out at Last
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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Previously on Graceland, Briggs learned that sometimes your actions have consequences. This week's episode, "Home", begins where the last one left off, with Briggs getting a phone call playing the recording of Juan Badillo's murder. Briggs immediately goes to Jakes with this problem, because Jakes continues to improbably be the most well-adjusted person in the house. In fact, Jakes is a bastion of sanity in a week of crazy, crazy foolishness. Not so well-adjusted that he doesn't agree to help Briggs again, but he does serve Johnny some bitchy truth about what a colossal idiot he's been with Lucia, so points for that.


Briggs first goes to Markham's house, because he is the prime suspect in the tape mystery. Though Briggs immediately realizes that Markham doesn't have the tape, he does get Markham's version of events regarding Solano. Markham says that he and Solano had an arrangement in which Solano would provide Markham with information needed to bust his competitors, thus advancing Markham's career and eliminating his own rivals. This is probably true. What's probably less true is Markham's insistence that the relationship deteriorated when he busted Solano for killing an associate.

Briggs is deeply uninterested in this vital information. He's running on very little sleep and all he cares about is saving his own ass. After all, he's going to have a child soon and he wants to be around to set a bad example. His next suspect is Mike. He believes that Mike is trying to use the tape to manipulate him into killing Markham. He more or less admits to Jakes that he's going to try and kill Mike, and Jakes responds by taking a nap. I realize that these people lead very dangerous lives, but it seems like this should have caused at least minimal alarm.

Machiavelli Would Be So Proud

Briggs very quickly goes to work plotting his friend's demise. He doesn't seem to have any hesitance or moral dilemma about it. It's a lot of fun watching him be a conflicted but ultimately terrible person, because Graceland is at its best when Briggs is the villain.  

Another thing Briggs does quickly is descent into sleep psychosis. Having ruined the bank robbery plans by relocating a movie set, Briggs returns home and sees everything in exhausted nightmare vision. Everyone sits down to a magical sauce dinner, but Briggs' hostility and everyone's simmering resentment quickly ruin the meal. Once everyone has finished behaving childishly, Briggs suggests that they move the robbery to the middle of the day. This would require a crew to manage hostages, but luckily they already have a capable crew sitting around the table. Charlie approaches Amber with the plan, and with some sauce and flirting manages to convince her to give it a try. 

It briefly seems that Briggs won't have to wait until the job to get rid of Mike. He has a vivid dream in which he drowns Mike and buries him in the floor of Graceland, but in the waking world he still has work to do. He plants seeds of distrust with Amber, saying that Mike stole money on a previous job. He intends to have Amber kill Mike so he won't have to get his hands dirty. He's clearly learned from his last murder.

The Heist

The next day, the crew rolls up to the bank, clad in animal masks, and gets their thievery on. Everything goes according to plan until Briggs tells Mike to help carry the money. Since this is a deviation from the plan, Amber thinks that Mike is trying to steal from her. She tells Charlie that she was warned about this, locks her in the safety deposit vault, and goes to kill Mike. As Briggs watches this unfold, he gets another call playing the tape for him. He knows now that Mike can't be the one calling him, and saves Mike at the last second by shooting at Amber. Amber gets away with some of the money, but all in all the plan is ruined.

The FBI finally yells at Mike for not following any rules whatsoever, but Mike is unconcerned. He's the protagonist of a TV show, so he knows it'll all be good. He taunts Markham a little, rubbing in the fact that all his safety deposit box cash is now either locked away in evidence or with an unstable woman in a goat mask. If I had a nickel for every time that happened to me...


Having no other option, Briggs begins to drive Charlie out to where he buried Juan Badillo. In an apt metaphor for what's about to happen to his relationship, Briggs hits and fatally wounds a deer. He gets out to try and help it, but Charlie is really cranky and puts the animal out of its misery. She says, "You lit the match, Paul," and Briggs knows that she is the one who has the tape.

Charlie explains that she's had the recording for a few weeks, having gotten it from a police officer friend the same night she found out about her pregnancy. She yells at Briggs for lying when she gave him every chance to be honest and, more importantly, for trying to kill Mike. Perhaps the lies would have been forgivable, since she presumably still doesn't know about Briggs being Odin Rossi, but trying to kill their friend is over the line. She leaves his sorry self in the middle of the road, saying that she'll tell their child that he's a coward. I wish this scene had been longer and involved more colorful language, but my god, it's satisfying to have Charlie finally know the truth. Here's hoping no convenient plot device makes her take him back.

Graceland airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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