'Graceland' Review: Who's the Worst Monster?
'Graceland' Review: Who's the Worst Monster?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Is using one monster to bait another a sound strategic move? On Graceland, Briggs attempted that strategy by using his Odin persona through Bello to get to Jangles. In theory it may have worked, but his secrecy and lone wolf plan put those he cares about in danger in "Smoke Alarm."

Paige may believe that it's important to keep secrets in Graceland, but the secrets are what is putting the housemates at risk. Mike was stabbed and Charlie is unwittingly collaborating with the enemy due to Briggs' rogue agenda.

The truth is sometimes a matter of perspective and other times it's a matter of what did or didn't happen. Five years ago at "The Estate" something happened that lead to the fire and death of five agents. The FBI ruled the fire an accident, but Juan isn't convinced that's the truth.

What definitely appears to be true is that Briggs and his Training Officer, Roberto, got into trouble with the Caza Cartel. Whether they collaborated with them or not is up for question, but based on Briggs' account, Jangles tortured him by hooking him on heroin. 

Despite Juan's report, Roberto's whereabouts are unknown. Did he die in the fire? Or, could he have been the one that set it? Someone called "The Estate" and Briggs' girlfriend, Lisa. Juan believes that was Briggs, but at this point, I believe it's more likely that it was Roberto or someone else setting up Briggs to take the fall.

The situation five years ago has come to a head with Briggs pretending to be Odin to draw out Jangles. At the same time, Juan is focused on Briggs to find out the truth about what happened all those years ago. The result of both of their obsessions is a dangerous situation.

Mike and Bello were both injured by Jangles and the deranged killer is now getting close to Charlie. It's definitely not an ideal situation and it's all Briggs' fault. Meanwhile, Juan made the stupid decision to pretend to be Jangles to try and get information out of Briggs.

Why would Juan do that? Given Jangles' history, there's no way that Briggs would stand around and want to talk to him. He would attack. And, when Juan showed his gun he set a deadly confrontation into motion.

For Briggs' sake, I hope that Juan isn't dead. Though, given Juan's manipulations of Mike and stupidity for approaching Briggs, I wouldn't mind if he was out of the story permanently. While no one deserves to be killed, it would be his own fault if he was.

Though, I'm not sure how Briggs will be able to live with himself after what he set into motion. Will he tell his housemates the truth and get their help? Or, will he continue on his lone wolf mission?

Mike seemed to be okay after being stabbed and saved his cover by having the FBI read him his rights in front of Bello. At least, his case into Bello and the Caza Cartel is still intact, so his mission wasn't entirely trashed by Briggs.

Mike will physically recover, but his emotional state should be monitored. Paige's encouragement to come clean with his secrets and then betrayal will be a lot for Mike to reconcile. I was hopeful that Mike found a confidant in Paige, but instead he found the opposite.

The rest of the situation that goes back five years is still in play, but it's unclear what a positive resolution of that would be. If Roberto is alive, is he still undercover? Or, has he been turned? Could he be Jangles? And, how does Lisa fit into this?

It's a mess. That's for sure! It will be a miracle if all the Graceland agents make it out alive and unscathed.

Is Briggs doing the right thing? Should he tell Mike and/or the others the truth? Is Roberto Jangles? Did Mike make a mistake to trust Paige? How do you see this ending?

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