'Graceland' Review: Secrets Lead to Dangerous Outcomes
'Graceland' Review: Secrets Lead to Dangerous Outcomes
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The residents of Graceland are an utter mess and most of it is Briggs' fault. His vendetta against Jangles has put the entire house at risk and he doesn't seem to care at all. He's blinded by his rage over what happened to him. It didn't seem possible, but in "King's Castle," their situations got even worse.

It was well known and accepted in the house that they each had their own secrets. Yet, it's those secrets that have ended up putting them unwittingly against each other. Before too long, they are going to end up having guns pointed at each other and someone is going to pull the trigger.

The most dangerous culprit is Briggs. His secret persona of Odin has caused a dangerous rift between himself and the other housemates. He been constantly taking risky actions to cover up for Odin and it's going to come back on him.

Charlie already doesn't trust him. And, Mike was stabbed and then attacked by Bello because of Briggs' own personal agenda. How will Paige and Johnny feel when they find out that they inadvertently fed Charlie and Mike to Briggs? 

At least at this point, no permanent damage has been done. It's still fixable ... except for Juan, but that's his own fault. You don't approach an FBI agent dressed up as a serial killer. That's just stupid. Though, it could cost Briggs his career.

Johnny was the only one speaking out of reason after the surprise party bombed. They are a family and they need to start acting like one. That's the only way that they will succeed and not end up turning on each other.

Paige and Mike took the first steps towards that by coming clean with each other. Paige let go of her anger and Mike let her in on the truth of his investigation. Is Briggs a killer? Neither of them believe it, but they ask the right question. What if they are wrong?

Slowly, the truth is started to come out. Mike went to Briggs to tell him about his investigation. And, Briggs truthfully replied that he wasn't surprised. Since Mike arrived, Briggs knew something was suspect about the rookie's assignment.

Mike's honesty allowed him to gauge whether or not Briggs was involved in Juan's disappearance. While it was a decent plan, it didn't work since Briggs didn't know he had killed Juan. Oops. After a quick database search, Briggs found out the truth.

What happens now? Charlie's working with the Federale (who is probably Jangles!) and revealed her suspicion that Odin is an FBI Agent. This puts the whole house at risk. It can't be long before the Federale starts sniffing around Graceland. And, if he gets his eyes on Briggs, he'll realize the truth.

The best solution would be for Briggs to reveal himself to his housemates as Odin and explain why he did it. If he does that and takes responsibility for what he's done, they would help him. they may not forgive Briggs, but they will want to bring in Jangles and take down the Caza Cartel first.

The secrets are dividing them and putting them all at risk. Charlie's off on her own with a dangerous man, Briggs is hurting those he cares about to protect his persona, and Mike is hanging in the wind with a stabbed abdomen.

As Johnny said, it's time for them to reunite as a family. Will they do it? We'll have to wait two weeks to find out.

Should Mike have told Briggs the truth? Will Briggs come clean? And, will the Federale target Charlie?

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