'Graceland' Recap: Not a Good Day to Die
'Graceland' Recap: Not a Good Day to Die
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Wow. The final moment of last Thursday's Graceland left viewers holding their breaths. Why did Briggs pull his gun on Mike? "Heat Run" picked up in that moment and the troubles and challenges never stopped on the job. The Graceland residents risk their lives every moment and when one of them crossed the line, it put them all on the line.

Hello, Bello

Phew. So, Briggs didn't pull his gun on Mike over the internal investigation. It's not that Briggs isn't suspicious of Mike and his assignment to Graceland, but his action wasn't related to that. Instead, Briggs pointed and cocked his gun at Mike's head in an attempt to save their lives.

After Eddie lost the ammunition shipment, Bello was worried they had a mole in their midst. To shift the focus, Briggs blamed Mike. As a newbie undercover agent, Mike successfully ex-filtrated himself from the position of blame.

It came down to the heat run. If Eddie did a heat run and wasn't followed, how would Mike have known where Eddie and the ammunition would be? Mike and Briggs were both cleared, but it came at a cost -- Eddie.

Quick thinking by both Briggs and Mike saved their reputations and in with Bello. It's only a matter of time before they get in deep enough to bring him down.

Bye, Lauren

Lauren's obsession with protecting Danny and finishing the job ended up costing her big time. She thought she had the perfect set up to take Kusmanov out of the picture and take out the guy who wanted Danny dead. Instead, she made bad decision after bad decision.

Briggs reluctantly backed Lauren when she wanted to go after a shipment of stolen Lamborghinis, but when she went too far when he called it off. She went crazy and physically intercepted the truck. She was wrong. The truck was empty.

Next, Lauren faked not only information that put agents' lives in danger, but faked getting beat up. Wow. She really had lost her way. The bust went down and the criminals were arrested, so she was successful in her goal to protect Danny, but it came at a huge cost.

She was pulled from Graceland and reprimanded for her actions. And, even worse, it didn't seem that she learned her lesson. While Graceland was never truly at risk -- the tracker was faked by Briggs after all --- her actions threatened her housemates.

Whether Briggs did the right thing or not, that's certainly up for debate. What's not is his unwavering devotion to protecting his cover, his housemates, and their livelihood at Graceland.  Lauren's gone and Briggs made sure it stuck.

His speech to Lauren was very telling. He was angry and probably not used to being played. His reaction was to take care of business.

"Hell no. You lied to me. I don't go to bat for liars, Lauren. You never went to that warehouse. You never saw those cars. You didn't know how many God-damned Russians were in there because you were never there.  You almost got Johnny killed. You put this whole house in harm's way.  And, you know what the worst part is you used me. You played me."
- Briggs

Can't Save Everyone

The use of CIs has been integral to the agents' cases from the first episode. This time, Charlie's CI, Whistler, had a lead for a drug sale and bust. Even though he was high on meth, Charlie decided to go ahead and moved forward.

During the deal, Whistler's desire for more money (Why would he do that? $100,000 is a lot of money!) almost busted the deal. Charlie was able to save the bust, but she couldn't trust Whistler in the future.

Charlie proved that she has a heart when she tried to help him out despite his actions during the deal. She found him a house and a new start. While he seemed energized to fix the house, it was never going to happen.

He was too far gone. The allure of drugs and $100,000 was too much for him. He didn't buy the house and Charlie's help went unappreciated. It will be interesting to see he tracks her down and tries to get work with her again or not.

Is Briggs Corrupt?

Maybe? He's proven in the short amount of time that Mike's been working under him that he's loose with the rules. In the ammunition sale, he did skim a bit of money to party, but is he taking more than that?

Mike was told that Briggs was under investigation for taking money. While that's probably true, it seems likely that Mike's only being told a small portion of the story. There has to be more going on that's still to be revealed.

Briggs' planting of the tracker on Lauren's car should be a warning to Mike though. If Mike gets too close to the truth about Briggs, the mentor won't hesitate to do whatever is necessary to protect himself, his job, and the house.

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