[Video] 'Graceland' Sneak Peek: Screw the Book!
[Video] 'Graceland' Sneak Peek: Screw the Book!
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) moved into the Graceland house and successfully completed his first undercover mission under mentor Paul Briggs (Paul Sunjata) in the Graceland series premiere. Now, he's ready to be fully acclimated into his new undercover life and all that it entails. Or, is he?

Mike hits a few bumps in his new role in "Guadalajara Dog." It can't be easy working with a new mentor, while investigating him at the same time. In the premiere, Paul became suspicious of Mike's assignment to Graceland and from the below preview, it gets dangerous right away.

Check out the "Guadalajara Dog" promo.

Highlights from the Graceland preview video:

  • "They must always see you as someone else." -- Briggs
  • "Is he going to shoot me?" 
    "If he does I'll shoot him." -- Briggs
  • "Be honest. You trust me, Mike?"
    "No Sir." -- Mike
  • "You're smarter than that Mike. That's why we chose you."
  • Whoa! Briggs points a gun at Mike's head. "Who you been talking to?"

While getting food at Hector's Taco food truck, Mike gets a hard lesson in undercover work. He's not a cop, so just because he sees a crime doesn't means he needs to do something about it. He's is cover. Always.

Briggs is suprisingly calm about Mike's spontaneous error in judgement, but Johnny's not as forgiving. Though, Johnny always has a funny quip at the ready.

"Screw the book. It wasn't written for you. Okay. You're an undercover agent. That means your cover is everything, especially here. This is our home." -- Briggs

"Join the LAPD if you want to catch a chips thief." -- Johnny

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on USA.

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(Image and video courtesy of USA.)