'Gotham' Recap: Gordon Tracks a Serial Killer
'Gotham' Recap: Gordon Tracks a Serial Killer
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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There are only three episodes left in Gotham's first season after this episode, which is very much a moving-the-pieces-into-final-position kind of episode. A lot happens -- some of it vaguely interesting.

But it's also hard to judge at this point whether or not the new serial killer Gordon is tracking is going to prove to be a formidable foe. Or whether or not a decision Selina makes is just an easy out for a plot-device-as-character or is something that will rattle her and Bruce for many episodes to come.

Gordon Tracks a Serial Killer

A young police officer presents Gordon with an opportunity to look into a cold case nobody else seems interested in. The officer claims a few officers like him have been watching how Gordon is trying to clean up Gotham and they want to help.

Gordon brings the case file of the victim, Grace, to Leslie, who suggests that Gordon look at some local speakeasies. Ed helps out and gives Gordon a couple to look at; Gordon then asks him to help find some missing evidence, while Harvey refuses to help out at all.

Gordon manages to convince him and they head out to their first speakeasy. The bartender says she remembered seeing Grace and her attractive-looking date.

Queue a flashback where we see Grace out with her date who says he's looking for "unconditional love; unconditional, real, intense love." Grace and her date, named Jason, then head back to his apartment, ending the flashback. (It's very, very strange to have a flashback that long in the middle of a scene including people not involved in the flashback.)

Harvey and Gordon then head to talk to Leslie about her autopsy of Grace. Both Harvey and Leslie think she ran away, but Gordon thinks she was kidnapped by a man and held against her will.

Queue awkward random flashback again. (It feels like a very strange stylish choice.) Grace wakes up in Jason's apartment and tells him she unfortunately has to run, but that she had a great time with him last night. Jason, however, won't take no for an answer when Grace refuses to stay.

Back at GCPD, Ed tells Gordon and Harvey that he was only able to trace down a photocopy of the missing evidence -- it's a broken heart. Harvey tells Gordon the guy they're chasing is a serial killer.

Queue flashback again. Grace and Jason are sitting down to dinner. Grace is in handcuffs and is clearly very, very afraid of Jason. He flips out about the lamb dinner she made and tells her he doesn't think the relationship is working out. He then ties her up, takes a photo of her and adds it to his collection of other women he must have killed.

Harvey tells Gordon about the serial killer -- he's killed at least a dozen women and always leaves behind a broken heart at the crime scenes. He also tells Gordon that no one likes to talk about this serial killer -- the Ogre -- because he always goes after the loved ones of the investigating cop.

Gordon quickly realizes that the police officer who gave him the case earlier in the episode wasn't being altruistic after all. When Gordon and Harvey confront him, it turns out Loeb ordered him to get Gordon to look at the case. The officer claims he didn't have a choice because they know what Loeb can do.

Harvey suggest Gordon drop the case before something happens, but Gordon refuses. Loeb then enters GCPD and Gordon confronts him, grabbing him by the collar. "From here on, we're playing my way," Gordon tells him, warning him that he will catch the Ogre, put him behind bars and then he'll be going after the Commissioner.

Bruce Tracks Down Reggie

Gordon meets with Bruce at his mansion at the beginning of the episode and the future Batman seems on edge. Gordon quickly asks if he lied to him about who really stabbed Alfred. Bruce denies anything and says he can't help, but he'll be careful. Clearly, Bruce wants to take on Reggie himself.

Alfred, by the way, is already out of the hospital. He is determined to find Reggie but, after refusing to take Bruce along, realizes he's bleeding from his wound and sits out the rest of the episode.

Later, Bruce decides to take matters into his own hands and heads to a gun range looking for Reggie where Penguin of all people walks right by him, but doesn't notice him. (That's a cute little moment -- I'm glad they didn't hype it in the teasers for this episode.) After coming up empty, Bruce goes to Selina to ask for her help in tracking him down. They find him sleeping in an abandoned warehouse.

Reggie wants to know if Alfred is okay, but Bruce just wants to know who sent him. When Reggie refuses, Selena threatens to throw all his money out a window. Reggie tells Bruce the names but warns him that Alfred needs to take care of him. Bruce clearly recognizes the name Bunderslaw and tells Selina to give Reggie his money back. Selina refuses, however, and still drops the money out the window. Reggie then says he's going to tell on them to Bunderslaw, but as he's trying to grab his money off a ledge out the window, Selena pushes him out the window to his death.

(I thought Bruce might have for a second, but fans would have been really, really pissed to see the future Batman violate his no-kill rule as a child.)

Fish Leads an Escape

Since we last saw her, Fish already seems to be running the show at Dulmacher's hospital and knows everyone on staff by name. When she goes outside, however, the man in charge of security isn't too happy to see her. He tells her that the "water does most of the work" for escapees and threatens her if she comes outside again.

Later, Fish goes to see the businessman down in the prison that is pissed at how Fish is so cozy with everyone upstairs. She promises him that she wants to escape, even if she dies trying. The rest of the prisoners are suspicious that the plan actually can work and don't trust Fish.

Fish wants to escape by boat, but the other prisoners want to escape by helicopter. Fish says she'll get the keys to the boat herself.

Fish is able to steal the keys quite easily later but is caught by Dulmacher as she's about to leave his office. He immediately accuses her of trying to escape and pulls a gun on her. He threatens her not to try anything and Fish actually looks genuinely scared.

Despite that tense scene, Fish still leads the prisoners on their escape as planned. Dulmacher, however, is waiting for her and promises her, "Oh, what wonders what I'm going to make of your parts." The prisoners, however, overwhelm Dulmacher and she tells them to leave him behind without killing him. 

Fish, however, double-crossed some of the prisoners heading to the boat, while she leads some of the other ones (the ones who have lost body parts or been injured by Dulmacher) to the helicopter. The prisoners not with Fish are killed, but the helicopter manages to take off.

The security guard Fish met earlier in the episode, however, is able to get a shot off and Fish is wounded. While holding her wound, she still manages to fly the helicopter, but she's bleeding badly.

Is this wound going to be life-threatening so it's easy for Jada Pinkett Smith to leave the show?

Penguin Plots to Kill Maroni

Penguin goes to see a local bar owner who refuses to sell to him. She says that if Penguin can convince her granddaughter to leave some guitar player she's seeing, she'll sell.

One of Penguin's henchmen -- not Butch -- later picks up the guitar player and has his neck tied to a pole in a warehouse. The guitar player refuses to leave the granddaughter, so Penguin wants his henchman to cut off the guy's guitar fingers, which he does.

The grandmother then makes the deal with Penguin and his henchman asks again why Penguin wanted it so much. Apparently, Don Maroni frequents the place often and Penguin tells his henchman that it's where he's planning to kill Maroni.

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