'Gotham' Recap: Gordon and Vale Become Partners; Fish and Penguin Face Off
'Gotham' Recap: Gordon and Vale Become Partners; Fish and Penguin Face Off
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of Gotham, "Mad City: Burn the Witch...," Bruce meets with the head of the secret society running the city, Valerie and Gordon partner up to try and catch Fish, Bullock gets kidnapped, The Penguin rallies the citizens of Gotham and Professor Strange returns.

Be careful what you ask for, Bruce Wayne, or you just might get it. After calling out the Court of Owls at a board meeting, demanding to meet with this super-secret-y society, he's kidnapped and brought before Kathryn who appears to be the HBIC. She takes off her mask and introduces herself which cuts down on the whole Eyes Wide Shut vibe otherwise going on. Well, that and everyone has their clothes on.

A Gentleman's Agreement

Bruce recognizes Kathryn who has attended Wayne Enterprises' events and been inside the mansion. While fans know this group as the Court of Owls, they still haven't named themselves to Bruce, claiming what they call themselves isn't important.

Kathryn is interested in the supposed evidence that Bruce threatened to use to expose the group, and Kathryn wants to know what it is, but it turns out that Bruce was bluffing. So, the big question is where do they go from here? Bruce began all of this to solve his parents' murder, and six months ago he concluded Kathryn's organization was responsible, but there are other considerations such as Bruce's life and the lives of those close to him.

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Kathryn wants to know what Bruce brings to the table. Bruce offers his company, but they've already got control of that, so he offers the Wayne name, still a symbol of light and hope in Gotham and a useful distraction for the group. Kathryn also requires that Bruce cease all investigations into the organization's existence and his parents' murders. Any violation of these terms, and their agreement is void. Bruce agrees, and Kathryn says he'll never see her again.

The Search for Fish Continues

Valerie Vale hasn't given up on hitching herself to Jim Gordon's wagon. She shows up at his shabby apartment with an offer. She can help him get Fish and that million-dollar bounty, and all she wants in exchange is a story. Gordon questions why Valerie doesn't just bring Fish in herself. Why hand over the million to him? Valerie lost touch with her source (Selina) and doesn't know how to find Fish without help. Gordon wants to know who Vale's source is and she names Selina. Gordon doesn't deny knowing Selina, but he downplays the complexity of their past.

Vale assumes Gordon knows where to find Cat, but she's not so easily pinned down these days, so Gordon takes his new Girl Friday to visit his certifiable ex, Barbara. She may be bi-coastal, but she's still got eyes for Gordon, and she's not about to hand over information (like Selina's whereabouts) without something in return -- a kiss. The price is too high, and James is ready to walk, but Barbara can't resist. She sends him to an old bank building.

Both Vale and Gordon believe Fish could be using the bank as her home base, and Valerie suggests that she contact the GCPD, give them the exclusive, they take in Fish and Gordon gets squat. He can consider it payback for not letting her come with him to find Peabody. So, Vale locks him out of her car, leaves him on the street and takes off.

Vale, Bullock and the GCPD descend upon the old bank building. Vale keeps a safe distance outside. Bullock and his men encounter Fish and her merry band of misfits who scatter to the four corners. A few hang back to fight, and the GCPD struggles to bring down Hugo's creatures that possess an eclectic mix of powers.

Penguin takes it upon himself to hold a press conference. He's got a whole lot of "I told you sos" for the GCPD. He told them Fish was very much alive and very much a threat, and now the police have let her escape. The city is being invaded by monsters, and it's up to the citizens of Gotham to kill every monster they see.

Is Bruce Really Out of Danger?

Bruce comes to back at Wayne Manor, and Alfred looks no worse for the wear after the beating he took. Bruce tells his beloved butler that his plan worked and they agreed. The only caveat is his inability to investigate Indian Hill, or the society, the corruption in the company or his parents' murder. Alfred wants to know if Bruce intends on keeping his word, and Bruce says he does, but Alfred wonders what guarantee they have the society will keep theirs?

All Roads Lead to Professor Strange

Gordon shows up at the police station looking for Bullock and finds Vale. She figures they're even and can be pals again, but Gordon isn't going to be fooled twice. He has a chat with Lucius Fox who tells him Fish is sick, all of Strange's creations are. He also shows Gordon Ethel Peabody's mummified corpse.

Lucius figures Fish killed Peabody when the woman couldn't cure her. There's only one person in Gotham who can, Hugo Strange.

Fish decides there's one person who might be of help to her, Bullock. She has a few of her friends grab him outside the police station where he discreetly drops his badge. Fish wants to know where Strange is, and she uses her newfound mind control to enlist Bullock's assistance.

Gordon and Lucius go to Barnes after finding his badge. They share their theory that Fish is looking for Strange, and now it appears she's kidnapped Bullock in her quest. Barnes tells Gordon the Feds took Strange to an old mansion outside the city. It's actually a state-of-the art research facility. There are scientists there debriefing Strange, trying to find out more about Indian Hill. Barnes offers to take Gordon there.

Poisonous Puberty

Ivy washes up on the banks of the river, and she's all grown up (20's at least). My guess is this development can be traced to the brief touch of Strange's creature who has the ability to age people at an accelerated rate.

She encounters a friendly stranger who brings her back to his house. She embraces her new bombshell self, borrowing a tight green dress and very high heels from the closet. Her looks have vastly improved, but Ivy's personality needs some work since she bashes the guy's head in with a potted plant.

Fish and Penguin Come Face-to-Face

Fish and Bullock arrive at the mansion, and Gotham's version of the deranged X-Men storm the facility. It doesn't take long to find Hugo who is being held in a large glass enclosure and busily at work. A mind, even a twisted one, is a terrible thing to waste.

Fish informs Strange that she's dying which comes as a surprise to the Professor. Fish also insists that not only will Strange fix her, but he'll create an entire army for her. Strange says he can't fix her just as the cops arrive. Fish tells Strange he has a few minutes to reconsider his answer.

Fish uses Bullock's phone to call Barnes and warns him that if one cop comes within 20 feet of the place, she'll kill Harvey. Barnes has no choice but to comply. Gordon says they can't just leave Bullock inside, but just because Barnes isn't crashing through the door doesn't mean he has any intention of letting Fish and her cohorts escape. He also warns Gordon to back off since he's no longer a cop.

Vale and the press arrive, creating further chaos. Penguin is watching the news reports and sees his opportunity to take down Fish.

Inside, Strange tells Mooney he'd fix her if he could, but he can't. Fish isn't taking no for an answer but whatever plans she has for Strange are put on hold when she learns there's an angry mob outside being led by Penguin.

Barnes orders Penguin and the crowd to stand back, and Gordon slips away and into the mansion while the Captain is otherwise occupied. It's not long before he's taken captive as well. Fish thinks Barnes sent Gordon to get her to turn herself in, but Gordon makes it clear all he wants is Bullock. He promises to get her out in exchange for his friend. Fish also wants Professor Strange. Gordon agrees, and Fish gives him two minutes to work his magic.

Gordon calls Penguin and promises him Fish as long as he does something for Gordon in return.

Penguin calls the mob to action, and they bust through the barricade. The back way out is clear, and Fish heads out with Strange. Convinced that Fish will kill him, Strange begs Gordon to save him.

Fish and Strange enter the woods to find Penguin waiting for them. Penguin wants to know why Fish didn't kill him when she had the chance. She tells him it was because he was hers. Of all the things she's done, perhaps the best thing was turning Oswald Cobblepot into the Penguin. She couldn't destroy that. This answer catches Penguin off guard, and he lets Fish go free, warning her not to come back.

Surprise Visitors

Alfred and Bruce get a big surprise when Bruce's doppelganger arrives at Wayne Manor.

Valerie Vale arrives at Gordon's place, and she's done an apt job in putting the pieces together. She knows that Gordon struck a deal with Fish and double-crossed her. She's intrigued since she can't figure out what he's going to do next. There's scotch, there's sparks, and just like that, Gordon's got a new love interest. And the timing couldn't be worse because Lee is back in Gotham.

Do you think Penguin and Fish will join forces in the future? What do you think of the Ivy twist? Are you surprised they revealed Kathryn's identity so quickly?

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