Spoilers and Sneak Peeks Galore: Get Ready for New 'Gossip Girl'
Spoilers and Sneak Peeks Galore: Get Ready for New 'Gossip Girl'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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It's been a long and lonely winter without new Gossip Girls to keep warm the cockles of our wicked hearts--but no longer! Everyone's favorite fictional snobs, snakes, and celebutantes are BACK this Monday with a new episode full of new intrigue: "The Age of Dissonance."

But The CW hasn't been ignoring Gossip Girl in the interim--far from it. They've been spilling dirt on the rest of Season 2 all over the place, and we've been here to sweep it up and pile it all in one place for you. Because BuddyTV cares.

So go on, SPOIL yourself. Chuck Bass is giving you the thumbs up.

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A few weeks ago, the CW released the synopsis of the Monday, March 16 episode "The Age of Dissonance," as well as the names of upcoming episodes. You can find those here. Now we've also got the synopsis of the following episode, "The Grandfather":

Devastated by the recent plot twist in her life, Blair (Leighton Meester) turns her back on her predictable Waldorf existence in favor of a wild, unpredictable lifestyle, causing Serena (Blake Lively) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) to have serious concerns about their friend.

Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) convinces Nate (Chace Crawford) that it may be time to forgive and forget when it comes to his mother's Kennedyesque family, The Vanderbilts, who abandoned Nate and his mother when they needed them most.

In a misguided effort to be completely honest with each other, Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) agree to share lists of their past lovers.

Sneak Previews:

Meta-Clip One: Vanessa Shows Some Self-Awareness

Yes, Vanessa, you are annoying. Too bad you think you’re joking.

Meta-Clip Two: The Role Within A Role Within A…

How I imagine Blake Lively’s notes on this part of her script: “So I’m a TV actress playing a theater actress  acting like she knows about movies? Ouch! My brain hurts.”

Meta-Clip Three: Leighton’s Two Loves

“Welcome home,” indeed, Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan). Who’s more delicious in this scene—Leighton Meester’s on- or off-screen lover?


EW's Michael Ausiello:
Q: Got any Gossip Girl / Jenny Humphrey scoop?
A: According to exec producer Stephanie Savage, Dan's sis "has a big Blair, Mean Girls story for the end of the season that also ties in with the Rufus-Lily story. And you will see that a new course
has been charted for Jenny Humphrey in the fall."

Q: Do we know anything about Gossip Girl's prom episode?
A: Only that No Doubt will be performing, just not in this decade and not as No Doubt. "No Doubt is going to be playing in our '80s flashback / [spin-off] episode," reveals Stephanie Savage. "They're playing an up-and-coming '80s band."

Zap2It's Korbi:
Q: You said that Nate and Blair would be a blip in the Gossip Girl time line, but now I hear that Nate is gonna ask Blair to move in with him. No hope for Chuck and Blair this season? Please, answer me, I really would like to know. I feel like giving up Gossip Girl.
A: Don't give up, woman. There is always hope for Chuck and Blair. Always. The writers fully understand that C.B. and Blair belong together, but they can't just couple them up and be done with it. You'd get bored, don't you think? Instead, they have to throw roadblocks like Nate Archibald, Carter Baizen (played by Leighton Meester's real life boyfriend) and that Gentleman's Club chick in the way. Yes, not only will Blair and Nate be a thing, but Blair will give it up to Carter even before that, and Chuck will fall for the shady lady he was stalking last we saw him. The good news is, there are a few quality Chuck-Blair scenes on tap for the March 23rd episode. Chuck's affection for Ms. Waldorf will rise to the surface once again. It's just too little too late for the time being.

Q: If Blair and Nate are going to be together, what happens to him and Vanessa? I like them together.
A: Me too. And they will be together when we jump back into the Gossip world next Monday. Actually, they'll be together the following week too. But issues between them will begin to flare up, and ultimately, it seems their lack of common interests and disparate backgrounds will be the death of them.

Q: What's up with Dan and the teacher on Gossip Girl? Will they get caught?
A: Affirmative. Rufus finds out what's going on and he's not happy. However, Rachel has a dark side that we haven't yet seen. Seems she has more in common with Blair than we were led to believe.

TV Guide's Mickey O’Connor:
Q: Please tell me the student-teacher sex storyline on Gossip Girl will be short-lived. Talk about cliché!
A: While "hot for teacher" isn't exactly breaking new narrative ground to begin with, here's my thing: Rachel isn't even that hot, and neither is the chemistry she shares with Dan Ho-Humphrey. So I'm with you, they should put this story to bed, so to speak, as soon as possible. And it looks like they're going to - in a very surprising way. The bad news: Chuck Bass' hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold from the Eyes Wide Shut party turns up again like a bad penny. Emphasis on bad. And pennies.

E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos:
Q: Please, I need some Gossip Girl scoop on Blair and Chuck! And good news, too. I'm tired of the bad news.
A: I can offer you a little good news about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, but unfortunately it's just a setup for the bad news. Nate notices that Chuck and Blair have a major bond (yay!), but that leads him to respond/retaliate by asking Blair to move in with him (boo!). However, there will be some upcoming Chair scenes for you kiddos, because Mr. and Mrs. Marvelous join forces to investigate Serena's new man, whom they both don't much like. At least it's something.

Q: What's up with Season Three of Gossip Girl? Do we know anything yet?

A: I know that Blair gets into NYU and Nate gets into Columbia.

Q: Anything coming up with the Elle-Chuck storyline on Gossip Girl?
A: According to Kate French (Elle), "Elle kind of steals Chuck Bass' heart, and it gets really complicated, and he gets entangled in all of these webs of lies and different storylines that are going on. It's very mysterious." Hopefully Chuck won't be smitten for too long, but then again how can we blame him when Blair's about to go off and hook up with his BFF, Nate?

And, finally, for those truly wanting to be spoiled rotten:
- Sneak a peek at this "arresting" on-set photo.

WHAT CAN ALL OF THIS MEAN?! Sound off below!

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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