More 'Gossip Girl' "The Sixteen-Year-Old Virgin" Promos and Clips
More 'Gossip Girl' "The Sixteen-Year-Old Virgin" Promos and Clips
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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The long and the short of it: on the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, Damien wants to have sex with Jenny (Taylor Momsen), who, unsure of what to do, she seeks the advice of Serena (Blake Lively). Not one of her most brilliant ideas, but she's been peddling drugs and sewing pills unto coats, so we know what kind of a place she's in.

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"When a date someone, sex is usually part of the equation," says Damien, who on the episode is waiting in a hotel room somewhere. As Gossip Girl would say, "Uh oh, careful Little J. <insert apt idiom here>."

On the other Gossip Girl clip, Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) decides to dress up like a hooker and let it slip to Dan (Penn Badgley) that she isn't wearing any underwear - way creepy. What a time to invoke the friends-only agreement, V.

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