'Gossip Girl' Recap: Whose Hair is Shinier, Nate or Serena?
'Gossip Girl' Recap: Whose Hair is Shinier, Nate or Serena?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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It's wedding night tonight on the CW. After the big finale wedding on Life Unexpected, Dorota ties the knot on Gossip Girl. The proceedings involve a 14th century balloon game - don't ask - which in a lot of ways describes the tension and the subsequent blow-up in our favorite couple's lives.

The Cost of Dressing Like a 'Gossip Girl'

Is it the end of Chuck and Blair?
We start off with the news that Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) have not left their room for days. Attempts from good cop Nate (Chace Crawford) and leggy cop Serena (Blake Lively) to get them to reconcile are to no avail. Thankfully, Dorota's parents are coming so a big "traditional" wedding needs to be set up pronto, a wedding that must feature a "happy couple" to walk Dorota down the isle for good luck. The happy couple, at least in the Gossip Girl universe, is Mister Chuck and Miss Blair (Westwick and Meester have reportedly just split up with co-stars Jessica Szohr and Sebastian Stan respectively).

Unfortunately for Chuck, Vanya's inspired little speech about Dorota bringing out the best version of himself really got into Blair, who, very uncharacteristically, realizes that she wants "real" love and "pure" love and "simple" love. If you've seen at least a single Gossip Girl episode, "pure" isn't how you'd describe Chuck and Blair's relationship, unless you call trading off your girlfriend for your hotel pure.

Alas, Blair's quest for happiness has convinced her to once and for all ditch Chuck and his schemes. Won't she get bored? She answered that, too: "Better bored than ashamed of myself." Oh, B. We have to admit, we have never seen this side of you; but you haven't had a heart-to-heart with Dan, much less dance with him either, so we know it's a crazy night for you. And all while Meester's song "Your Love's a Drug" plays in the background.

All for Billy Baldwin
Cut to Serena, whose breakfast with the Humphreys and their waffles turns out to be a little covert rendezvous with Carter, who's helping him find Billy Baldwin. When will she ever learn? This lie quickly blows to her face, when Chuck tells Nate that his girlfriend was spotted with Carter, something he confirms himself when he bumps into Eric and Jenny, who is way too happy to break the news to him.

This escalates into a full-blown issue when Serena hops into the limo with Carter to Palm Springs where her dad is and Jenny - again - not so discreetly lets it slip to Nate. Not that S is being unfaithful. Upon discovering that Carter booked the flights a week ago and was just using it to get close to her, she kicks him out of the limo and proceeds by herself.

The dutiful girlfriend that she is, she takes the time to call Nate to tell him that she loves him and no more lies. Three guesses as to who answered the phone and didn't give Nate the message.

Best dialogue of the episode:
Nate: You deserve to be alone.
Chuck: You and Serena had it easy. Up to now your concern is which hair is shinier.

How did you find this Gossip Girl episode? Is it really the end for Chuck and Blair? What's Lily doing in Palm Springs (OK rhetorical question)? Who knew Dorota and Vanya had so many friends?

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