'Gossip Girl': Preview and Clips from Episode 2.15 "Gone With the Will"
'Gossip Girl': Preview and Clips from Episode 2.15 "Gone With the Will"
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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The you-know-what hit the proverbial fan last week on Gossip Girl, with revelations all around for our favorite Upper East Siders. Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) are out on a love-child manhunt. Dan (Penn Badgely) knows that he and Serena (Blake Lively) share a half-sibling, and is feeling justifiably weird about the fact that he—whoever the lovechild is—could say, “Oh, that couple making out? That's my brother and sister.”

Uncle Jack Bass (guest star Desmond Harrington) blew into town, bringing Chuck (Ed Westwick) back from Bangkok, an all-too-appropriately named city for the young Bass, who was up to his eyelids in opium and Thai hookers. Back in New York, Chuck almost chucked himself off the roof of Victrola, but was once again saved by Blair's (Leighton Meester) love, and her persuasion skills. Jenny (Taylor Momsen) finally acts as hardcore as her Debbie Harry mullet, taking Penelope and the other headbands down a step or two over their evil-stepsister treatment of the not-so-innocent-herself Nelly Yuki.

Oh yeah, and something dubious happened between Blair and Uncle Jack on New Year's Eve, and Blair wants to keep the secret from Chuck. When the secret comes out, we hope it's more of an “Oh no!” than an “Eww!” Otherwise we'll need to start calling him Uncle Jail Bait.

Read on for details from the upcoming episode, and SPOILERS... including where you can see videos from Monday's episode!

This Monday on Gossip Girl, the reading of Bart Bass' will dumps a new gang of problems onto Chuck's silver platter. The preview of the episode reveals that Bart has bequeathed Bass Industries to Chuck, and Uncle Jack, who wants the job for himself, is anything but supportive. Chuck isn't up to the challenges of running an empire. Instead of taking Bart's final wish as a sign that his father had faith in him, Chuck believes that Bart is setting him up to fail from beyond the grave.

Whatever the secret is between Blair and Jack, they don't keep it a secret for long. Maybe because Jack seems to want to share the juicy details with his nephew. “Blair wouldn't touch you,” Chuck says, practically shooting venom as he says it. “You should ask her about it,” says Jack. Poor Chuck. So much for a positive male role model.

But is the Blair-Jack secret really what it seems—sex? My money goes on “No.” At least, it can't be that simple. Sex and drugs? Sex and bribery? Sex and… well, whatever it is, it's not going to make Blair look good.


Kristen from E! Online is currently hosting 4 exclusive clips from Monday's episode, "Gone With the Will."
You can watch the videos here at Watch With Kristin, but here's the run-down of what they show us:

- Clip 1: Serena thinks Dan is avoiding her because he believes Rufus and Lily are back together, but of course we all know it's because he's busy drawing their family tree and debating whether he can justify some branch-to-branch contact. Serena confronts Dan in the courtyard, and while acting weird, he denies acting weird.

- Clip 2: Rufus calls and promises that Lily will tell Serena and Eric about their half-brother when they return from Boston. Penelope, Isabel, and Nelly overhear Dan telling Rufus that he doesn't like lying to Serena--but not about what. Penelope says they need to tell Serena; Nelly says they don't know enough and at the very most should tell Blair. P says they're on their own since Blair is apparently with Chuck now 24/7.

- Clip 3: Jack wants to congratulation Chuck on being head of Bass Industries by taking him out for a night on the town. Chuck resists, saying he has dinner plans with Blair. Jack opens the door to three escort-looking hot ladies in fur coats, telling Chuck he doesn't want to entertain his guests by himself. Chuck's smirk reveals that he may have been persuaded to reschedule with Blair after all.

- Clip 4: Serena goes to Vanessa to find out what Dan's hiding--but Vanessa won't talk. Vanessa says, whatever it is, Dan will tell her, because he's not one for secrets. Serena says she used to think that, but now she's not so sure... when does this couple *not* have trust issues?

Maybe not in this episode, but there are also unconfirmed rumors that sometime soon on Gossip Girl: Lily will be attacked, and everyone will be shocked with the identity of the attacker; Nate's family will expand with the introduction of a 20-something cousin who is wealthy, confident, politically-minded and, (can I get a big, fat “DUH”? ) extremely good-looking; and a hot, young Shakespeare teacher at Constance Billard will befriend Serena, infuriate Blair, and maybe even sink her cougar-claws into Dan.

E! Online's Michael Ausiello also cryptically quipped that soon we'll all find out that Serena has something in common with Anne Hathaway. Could that mean that Serena is going to be shacking up with a financial felon? I personally hope it means that she's really a princess.

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What do you think about these rumors? What could Blair and Jack's secret be? Where the heck are Nate and Vanessa? Discuss it all in the comments below!

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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