Gossip Girl: Gay Bombs and Murder
Gossip Girl: Gay Bombs and Murder
Wow. I don't even know where to begin. Last night's episode of Gossip Girl, "All About My Brother," was amazingly perfect in so many ways. There were enough scandals, lies, public outings, reconciliations and confessions that would have filled an entire season's worth of episodes on a lesser show.

Georgina Sparks is turning out to be one helluva psychotic bitch. I'd be interested to see who would emerge victorious in a bitch-fight between her and Blair (Leighton Meester). Blair certainly has the power to manipulate and humiliate – she easily quashed the pathetic Jenny Humphrey in two episodes – but I'm not sure how she would fare against Georgina's pure, unadulterated psychosis. What makes Michelle Trachtenberg so convincing as a villainess is that all she lets you see in her heavily shadowed eyes is evil, with not a hint of conscience lurking around. This is one scary bitch you can't even reason with.

Blair, on the other hand, does have a conscience and that's what makes her such a great three-dimensional character. When Jenny (Taylor Momsen) came up to her penthouse to concede defeat, you saw tiny wavelets of regret flitting across Blair's face. Also, in the party scene, she wasn't willing to out Eric on Gossip Girl until he gave the go-ahead. She may be a total bitch, but when it comes to the few people she actually cares about, she's fiercely loyal. This is one chick you want in your corner when you're down.

Now, about that murder. I know that I have been speculating that Serena's dirty little secret somehow involves sex, drugs and dead people, but I was so shocked when she told Blair at the end of the episode that she killed someone. I didn't think they'd actually go there!

From the sounds of the video that Georgina sent to Serena (Blake Lively), the two of them must have been involved in some kind of threesome with a boy. It could have started out all in good fun, but with the addition of hardcore drug use and a psychotic bitch like Georgina, it was only a matter of time before it began to go horribly awry. I'm guessing that Serena may be over-estimating her culpability in the person's death, however. She was very likely not in full control of her faculties, and maybe the person was already dead before she did anything. Whatever the case, Georgina is unlikely to ever let her forget it.

What's G's motivation, though? Here's my theory. Maybe Eric isn't the only one who is gay. Maybe Georgina is completely infatuated with Serena, Single White Female-style, but the only tool at her disposal for getting and keeping Serena's attention is blackmail. Whatever the case, it's all going to go down soon, all snarkily narrated by Kristen Bell's Gossip Girl as well.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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