'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Turkey Day Turns Tragic!
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Turkey Day Turns Tragic!
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
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It's Thanksgiving in New York and everyone knows it wouldn't be a Gossip Girl holiday without appetizers like deception and chaos.


Two weeks ago, Vanessa, Juliet and Jenny pulled a nasty little prank on everyone, which Juliet took too far by drugging Serena. But now that everyone hates S, who will come to her rescue? Let's recap what we have to be thankful for in "Gaslit."

Cold Turkey


Serena awakens in a seedy Queens motel. As if that wasn't bad enough, she has no idea how she got there, and truckloads of prescription meds are spilled on her nightstand. Her loved ones have no idea this is going on because they all think she's just having a sleepover at someone else's penthouse. In fact, her loved ones don't even love her anymore! That is, until she's admitted to the hospital for a drug overdose. Everyone frets over what to do with her, especially when a billion paparazzi show up and the story's plastered on the news. (Who knew Serena was famous enough to have a sound bite of her 911 call aired?) The press is the last straw for Lily, who admits Serena into the ever-popular Ostroff Center against her will, much to Dan's devastation, who believes there's more going on than a simple drug addiction.


All These Things I've Done


But alas, Dan is right! Because at that very moment, Jenny's returning to the city to confront Juliet about what they "made Serena do." Juliet convinces Jenny to keep her lips zipped, only for Vanessa to confront her moments later (albeit via phone -- Vanessa has always been the weak link in this trio). Juliet verbally batters Vanessa, telling her she'll lose everyone she cares about if she tells the truth. So Vanessa, of course, does the logical thing and blames everything on Jenny. Now it's time for Rufus to verbally batter Jenny, who tearfully admits her side of the story before stomping off.


Here Comes A Soul Saver


Blair tells Chuck that maybe things don't have to be so complex between them after all. But there's no time for awkwardness -- or this storyline -- because Dan's kidnapped Serena! And they're going on vacation! And Rufus and Lily have matching botoxed foreheads! Lily and Blair hunt down the angry Serena, and while Blair tries to make a sympathetic appeal to her best friend, Lily and Dan play Who Loves Serena More? It turns out Dan does. But wait! Lily's only been distant and cruel because she's afraid she's the one to blame for Serena's demise! The scene is really touching, but is interrupted when a GG blast reveals a photo of Juliet-dressed-as-Serena taking pills at the Saints & Sinners party. Now even Serena believes she's a druggie!


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Be Thankful for What You Got


Before her grand send-off, Dan tells Serena he'll believe in her no matter what. She kisses him just as she'd meant to at Saints & Sinners. Then most of the van der Humphreys spend Thanksgiving in Serena's room at the Ostroff. Meanwhile, Jenny tells Blair the whole truth and informs her that Juliet's left town, so Blair joins forces with Dan to pursue her. While Nate reunites his parents in time for the holidays, even though Anne was about to file for divorce, Juliet sees him in prison after updating Ben on her vendetta. Even her psychotic brother thinks she's gone too far! And finally, Vanessa discovers that Blair knows the truth about their scheme against Serena, so she calls her mom in Vermont and high-tails it out of there. Gobble gobble!


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