'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Secret Kiss Caught On Tape, Friendships Suffer!
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Secret Kiss Caught On Tape, Friendships Suffer!
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Our favorite pretentious New Yorkers ran around more confused than ever this week as friendships disintegrated and hearts were shattered, all thanks to a few misunderstandings.

Last night's episode, "Petty In Pink," reintroduced all of Gossip Girl's finer points -- sass, sex, scandal and, most of all, storyline. Could the writers be putting the show back on track just in time for the finale? All I have to say is, it's about time.

You Can Do Better Than Me

Prince Louis just couldn't stay away from Blair any longer -- and, quite frankly, I'm glad because it's time Chuck and Dan stepped their game up if they want to pry her eyes away from royalty. I'm just surprised Louis didn't put Blair's slipper on her foot himself, like a true Prince Charming. There is one catch to the Prince's arrival, however: he and Blair must rendezvous in secret because the royal family will be enraged if they discover that Louis is courting a "commoner." (To be honest, I'm surprised Blair didn't dump him as soon as he uttered that term.)

In order to prevent the royal family from suspecting that she and Louis are an item, Blair decides the only logical solution is to get into a fake relationship. Everything blows up in her face, however, when Gossip Girl posts a video for all the world to see -- a video of her kissing Dan Humphrey.

What Are You Looking For?

Meanwhile, Serena recruits Charlie on her quest to discover whether or not Blair and Dan have been seeing each other all this time. Serena is quick to put the rumor to rest, but Charlie, ever the determined (read: nosy) outsider, stalks Dan all around town until she can snap a picture of him meeting up with Blair.

Later, Charlie also films Blair and Dan's steamy (albeit staged) kiss, which is making me think the "incident" Charlie was involved in back home revolves around her being a Peeping Tom. As the flurry of texts and salacious gossip spread around this week's requisite party, the adults at said party are busy whispering about Lily, who's sporting a new anklet (read: house arrest monitor).

Tired of the gossip and having to look at Anne Archibald's pretentious nose, Lily decides to break up the party by simply walking out of her penthouse, alerting the authorities. Bye bye, socialites!

New characters? Do you want to know more or want them off your screen?

The Past, The Love, The Memories

In much less riveting news, Raina has decided to find her mother once and for all, and she takes Nate and Chuck with her along the way, mainly because the boys have nothing better to do this week. But, what do you know, the woman they find who matches her mother's description claims she never had a daughter. I almost wondered if this woman -- Avery -- was lying, but then I stopped caring because I remembered we saw this exact storyline just last season, and Chuck was there that time around too.

The only revelation to add to this already dead plotline is the security footage Chuck receives from his private investigator, who may as well be cast as a series regular by now (he can be the new Jenny, instead of Charlie and her diabolically-arched eyebrows!), which apparently reveals an altercation between Avery and Bart, who left in a rush the night his building mysteriously caught fire ... with Avery presumably still inside.

Almost There, Going Nowhere

In closing, Blair and Prince Louis decide to take their relationship public, royal family be damned, and kiss in front of a million hungry camera lenses. The status of Blair's friendship with Serena isn't nearly as sturdy, however, as the two girls storm off after a serious power struggle (probably just for old time's sake). In addition, Lily has become just as embittered by the Upper East Side as Rufus, while Dan shares a beer with Charlie and kindly tells a heartbroken Vanessa that they are officially, for realsies this time, no longer friends.

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