'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Juliet Goes to Jail
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Juliet Goes to Jail
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
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Even though Gossip Girl has always been a little brighter and glitzier during the summer episodes, I must admit things get a lot more interesting once everyone's back in good ol' NYC. After all, a new school year means a new reputation -- or in some cases, a chance to ruin the reputations of others.


In the latest episode, "The Undergraduates", Gossip Girl's website gets a facelift, giving our favorite Upper East Siders heaps more to gawk at -- and fight about.

Don't Let Me Get Me


While Chuck continues to keep the sordid details of his life under wraps, he prepares to introduce Eva to his family. When Blair runs into Eva trying on dresses for this week's dramatic event, Fashion Night Out, she tells Eva that Chuck will leave her soon (and not-so-subtly calls her a peasant). So Eva decides to back out on meeting the family until Chuck assures her that Blair is, in fact, the devil and that Eva shouldn't listen to a word she says. 

At the fashion event, however, Rufus confronts Chuck, having just learned from Eric that Chuck tried to force himself on Jenny three years ago. Chuck tells Rufus he's a changed man and wouldn't hurt anyone again -- only to moments later claim he doesn't know Eva when Rufus threatens to tell her about Chuck's dirty deeds. Chuck stops Eva from bidding adieu to the city, apologizes for calling her a nameless social-climber and finally gives her the lowdown on his sinful past. She forgives him, they kiss and get back together once again -- all in front of Blair.


A Lonely September


We find out that Georgina still isn't back from her "spa weekend," leaving Dan alone to care for Milo. But when Rufus drops the "You're not the biological father" bomb, Dan's shocked -- SHOCKED! -- to find out that Georgina has lied for the 4,967,205th time. Vanessa and Dan fret over what to do, but Georgina returns and says she's ready to be a mother again. Apparently, three Russian hitmen were hired by the wife of Sergey (who's Milo's real father) to kill Georgina, so she had to vacation in St. Barts to escape death. When she takes her son away, Vanessa and Dan decide to live together anyway.

Who do you think Serena should end up with this season?>> 



On their first day at Columbia, Blair gets into the exclusive campus club, Hamilton House, whereas Serena's left out in the cold. Blair ditches Serena for her new friends, which Serena witnesses via Gossip Girl's blog (which now streams live video). This leads to a fight between them beneath matching see-through umbrellas, and Serena comes to realize that Juliet's the one behind everything. At the fashion event, Juliet's pleased with herself for pitting the frenemies against each other and is even rewarded with a Blair vs. Serena fight on GG. When Juliet screens the "live" video at the party, however, Blair and Serena calmly walk out and expose Juliet as the manipulative liar she really is, saying they'd never believe Juliet over each other. Later, Juliet finally meets up with the man she appears to be working with -- in jail. His name's Ben and he's attractive. Could it be the same Ben that Blair flew away with at the end of season 1?


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