'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Cutthroat Competition Threatens Friendship
'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Cutthroat Competition Threatens Friendship
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza
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Usually our most talked about New Yorkers get away with their insanity, but everyone learned a thing or two this week. We don't know if they'll take their lessons to heart, but one thing's for sure -- nothing could ever be boring when it comes to this bunch.

"Damien Darko" featured Blair and Dan competing for an internship, Lily piling more lies atop her already precarious heap, Ben and Serena trying to move forward, and as you may have guessed, the return of the infamous Damien Dalgaard.

Blair's glad to finally move forward with her life, and with the help of some late-night stalking and frantic fax-sending, she gets the perfect opportunity to do so: an internship with W magazine. Upon arriving at her dream job, however, not only does she realize that the staff members at W don't want to hear her ideas, but that she'll be competing with four other girls for the position. Oh, and Dan Humphrey. Blair may have never owned a scrunchie (a fact that she included on her resume), but Dan is the sporadic lover of Serena van der Woodsen, and that goes a long way in this business. Not to mention the fact that his biceps keep bulging through every cardigan he wears. Dan proves to be gayer than ever as he outwits Blair at almost every task, but even when Blair gets the opportunity to sabotage him, she takes the high road for once ... only so Dan can sabotage her by spurning the author she invited to the W party. Blair later confesses that she didn't betray Dan because she takes their friendship seriously. Dan, in turn, takes the blame and redeems Blair's chance as an intern.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Everything is falling right into place for Chuck, as he works toward reclaiming Bass Industries while simultaneously sleeping with the enemy. However, when he finds out that the Thorpes have hired Nate's father for help, Chuck confronts Raina about her father's questionable ethics. She assures him that Russell's simply very forgiving and wants to give the Captain a second chance. (Isn't Russell holding a grudge against a dead guy?)

At the W magazine party, Chuck assures Blair that she'll rise through the internship's ranks quickly. The two share a glance that lasts a little too long, but that doesn't keep Chuck from continuing his trysts with Raina. You know, the girl who just moved to Manhattan two minutes ago and is already judging him for not trusting people? Nate's relationship with his father doesn't go as well, as the Captain decides to move out after feeling betrayed by Nate.

Just Like a Pill

Although Serena finds herself falling for Ben again, he insists he needs to move away in order to start over. Lily wants exactly that and even sends Ben a sweet payoff in exchange for keeping his distance. Damien confesses to Ben that he testified against him in court, so Ben violently threatens him and orders him out of town. Meanwhile, Eric's actually been hanging out with Damien and popping pills in order to stave off loneliness. Despite adorable Jonathan's triumphant return and the protests of Serena and Ben, Eric decides to continue spending time with Damien, sans pills. Ben refuses Lily's money, but does accept Rufus's offer to move into the loft. Only after breaking Serena's heart first. Oh well, we all know she'll be hovering over to a new flower next week.


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