Gossip Girl: Episode 2.6 "New Haven Can Wait" Recap (Page 1/4)
Gossip Girl: Episode 2.6 "New Haven Can Wait" Recap (Page 1/4)
It's been two long, scandal-free weeks since the last new episode of Gossip Girl, but tonight the wait is finally over.  When we last visited the Upper East Side, Serena's desire to be front and center at Fashion Week sent Blair into a tizzy, making the rivalry between them stronger than ever.  In addition to that OMG-worthy drama, Jenny decided she's never going back to school, Chuck and Dan had a night of bonding that landed them in jail, and Bart confronted Lily about a terrible secret from her past.  Let me guess: she killed someone by offering them some of their own cocaine?

Tonight's Gossip Girl finds the gang heading to Yale, where a catfight and a kidnapping take precedence over boring academics.

Gossip Girl kicks off with Blair Waldorf doing her best Eliza Doolittle impression while imagining she's starring in her own version of My Fair Lady.  She's cast in the scrubby Audrey Hepburn role, while Serena gets to be the classy dame who makes her look bad.  Ah, how fitting.  B wakes from her dream and talks to Dorota about her plans to attend the dean of Yale's private reception.  Some people think the event is a myth, but leave it to B to make her dreams come true.  B hasn't spoken with S in a week, and she certainly doesn't care to hear that Marc Jacobs recently named a purse after her.  While Blair suffers, it seems Serena's star is on the rise.  S even receives a hand-written invitation to visit Yale, but decides to go to Brown for Blair's sake.

Over in Brooklyn, Rufus (Matthew Settle) gives Dan a pep talk before he heads for his Yale visit.  Proving that college isn't just for rich girls and Brooklyn boys, Nate and Chuck are also planning to tour the campus.  Nate wants to go to Yale to escape his family, while Chuck only wants to go to college to join a cool secret society.

As the students prepare to take off for Yale, Chuck (Ed Westwick) reminds Dan that he still hates him after the events that transpired last week.  Blair mocks Serena for her interest in attending Brown, telling her that she's going to return to town afterwards as a militant vegan with dreadlocks.  B thinks S doesn't have the academic talent for Yale, which of course makes Serena accept that hand-written invitation.

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