Gossip Girl: Episode 2.12 "It's a Wonderful Lie" Recap (Page 1/3)
Gossip Girl: Episode 2.12 "It's a Wonderful Lie" Recap (Page 1/3)
Spotted: Little J ditching the raccoon eye shadow and returning to the Humphrey house for Thanksgiving.  Holiday miracles are even possible on Gossip Girl, though another one may be needed to fix Jenny's unfortunate haircut.  The previous episode also found Bart looking into Lily's past, Eleanor and Cyrus getting engaged, Nate's dad turning himself in and Aaron being completely boring.  It's nice to know Serena can look past Aaron's charisma-free exterior and scrubby facial hair to see the snooze-inducing artist underneath.

On tonight's episode of Gossip Girl, somebody gets horribly injured!  Sorry, it's not Vanessa.

It's the middle of winter on the Upper East Side, and the Snowflake Ball is the event on everyone's minds.  B is searching for the perfect date, but of course Chuck thinks all her potential suitors are losers.  While B and C banter, Serena tells Dan that Boring Aaron (Boron) won't be accompanying her to the ball.  He probably has to head to the 99-cent store to pick up an extra bottle of motor oil for his hair.  It looks like Lonely Boy will have to keep Serena (Blake Lively) company instead.  Could a rekindled romance be in the works?

Jenny (Taylor Momsen) asks Vanessa for help reorganizing Rufus's records.  It's not only a friendly gesture, but J's futile attempt to avoid thinking about her career issues and Nate drama.  V, who is suddenly more devious than ever, somehow forgets to mention the letter she stole on Thanksgiving.  She also chooses not to open up about her daily make-out sessions with Nate, though they don't stay hidden for long.  A nosy onlooker snaps a photo of the couple kissing on the street, and it's only a matter of minutes before Jenny sees it on Gossip Girl.  Vanessa is so much more fun when she's being a lying hussy.  I suggest she slut it up more often.

Lily (Kelly Rutherford) tells Rufus that she's been avoiding Bart since learning of his Nancy Drew activities.  Nobody likes a snoop, even if the actor playing that snoop once starred as Robocop.  Bart corners Lily on the street and tries to apologize for his deceitful ways, but she's going to have to think things over before she forgives him.

A member of the Constance Billiard girl mafia, or the Billiard Bitches as I like to call them, asks Jenny to design her a dress for the ball.  Jenny agrees, and also has a bit of an epiphany after a tense confrontation with Vanessa.  With encouragement from the Billiard Bitches, J decides to make V a very special dress for the Snowflake Ball.  Vanessa thinks Jenny is trying to be kind and make peace, but Little J has an evil trick up her sleeve.  She's going to make Vanessa regret the day she stole Nate and his impressive man-bangs.

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