Gossip Girl: Episode 15 "Desperately Seeking Serena" Recap
Gossip Girl: Episode 15 "Desperately Seeking Serena" Recap
Welcome back to the Upper East Side.  Last week on Gossip Girl, Blair and Jenny raced to see who could out-bitch whom, and ultimately it was Little J who came out on top.  Queen B may have been smart enough to expose Jenny's Valentino thievery, but J had the excellent idea to impress her friends with Nate's hotness.  Meanwhile, Serena received some naughty gifts from her old pal "G," whose lone initial even struck fear into Chuck's icy heart.

On tonight's episode, Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Michelle Trachtenberg flies into town as Serena's frenemy, Georgina Sparks.  Guess what?  She's bringing a dirty little secret with her.

The characters actually have to deal with a realistic teenage issue this week: preparing for the SATs.  All of them are extremely stressed and cramming their little hearts out.  Serena (Blake Lively) and Chuck take a break to chat about Georgina.  Chuck claims that G is dating some prince in a foreign country, so of course there's nothing to worry about.  There's certainly no chance that she'll show up at Constance Billiard and throw all of Serena's plans out of whack, right?

Blair has planned an SAT prep party for all of the girls, much to the dismay of Jenny (Taylor Momsen).  J's promises of her dad's lasagna can't compete with the expensive delights that B offers the clique.  Meanwhile, Serena gets the surprise of her life when Georgina shows up at the school, already proving Chuck wrong.  I guess that Swiss prince wasn't so delicious after all.

Needless to say, Serena doesn't run into G's arms and embrace her while giggling and squealing.  They share a very awkward reunion, and Georgina complains that her feelings will be hurt if S doesn't show her a good time.  Speaking of good times, Little J manages to get the phone number of a cute dog walker after he knocks a hot dog out of her hand.  However, she claims that a dog walker isn't high enough on the social food chain for her.

S and G are doing what all high school students do on weeknights -- drinking Cosmos in some swanky club.  Georgina claims that her gifts of porn and cocaine were only supposed to be funny, not malicious.  Serena lightens up and agrees to have exactly one drink, but of course that turns into multiple cocktails.  Before you can say "revertigo," Serena is flirting with guys and accidentally conversing with drug dealers on G's cell phone.  It looks like Georgina hasn't abandoned her scandalous ways.  Serena is so desperate for rescue that she actually calls Chuck (Ed Westwick) for help, who then calls Dan and explains that S can't meet him for their study date.

The next day, Dan (Penn Badgley) confronts Chuck and tells him to leave Serena alone, convinced that he's causing some sort of trouble.  He also doesn't believe Serena's story about being bedridden with food poisoning the night before.

Blair (Leighton Meester) wants to destroy a girl named Nelly Yuki, who is the only other person who wants to get into Yale as badly as she does.  She enlists the clique to help her with her diabolical plan.  They confront Nelly and try to get her to join their inner circle, but she has better things to do.  After Blair finds out that Nelly was dumped at a rap concert, she uses that info to bond with the bookworm.  She invites Nelly over for a good cry, and the Yale wannabe is naive enough to fall for the idea.  B always comes up with the best schemes.

J sees the dog walker on the street again, and soon discovers that he's not a lowly dog walker after all. Meanwhile, Nate (Chace Crawford) meets up with Vanessa after swinging by rehab to visit his dad.  V called him after she read one of his SAT practice essays, and she wanted to apologize for being so judgmental earlier.  The two of them get their flirt on and are soon making googly eyes at each other.

Georgina gives Serena a call and claims that she totally accepts S's clean new lifestyle.  G wants to meet up for dinner, and S agrees to it even though she has to study.  Georgina is good at getting what she wants.

Rufus (Matthew Settle), proving that he's the best dad ever, gets Jenny a new sewing machine to replace the one she pawned last week.  However, he's not thrilled that J has a date with the dog guy the following day.  It doesn't matter how many cute guys she runs into, she's still grounded.  Meanwhile, Nelly Yuki is in for a shock at Blair's SAT prep party, because B invited her ex-boyfriend to the shindig.  Apparently getting Nelly back together with her old beau is all part of the evil scheme.

Vanessa and Nate continue their flirtation after going out on the town together, eventually sharing a passionate kiss on the street.  As for Serena and Georgina, they're sharing a relaxed dinner and talking about Dan.  G is pretending to be on her best behavior, but the instant S leaves the table she slips a strange liquid into her Diet Coke.  When she comes back, G smiles innocently and proposes a toast to the new Serena.

Thanks to Georgina's spiked Coke, Serena wakes up the next day with no memory of what happened the night before.  S is late for her SATs, but G refuses to take any blame for her blackout.  She lies to Serena and tells her that her blackout was brought on by too many cocktails.  G is kind of fantastically devious and bitchy, isn't she?

Little J wants to get out of the house to see her new boy toy, but Rufus still refuses to let her out of his sight. Across town, Nate encourages Vanessa to take her SATs, while Nelly Yuki wasted her entire night getting nowhere with her ex-boyfriend.  Considering that she's an emotional wreck, didn't get any sleep, and has no batteries in her calculator (thanks to Blair), there's no chance that she's getting into Yale.

Walking out of the SATs, Dan sees Nate and Vanessa sharing an intimate moment on the street.  Awkward. He then goes to see Serena, only to find her hanging out with Chuck and lying about food poisoning again.  It looks like Chuck also paid someone to take Serena's SATs, which S doesn't know about until Dan mentions it.  After Dan takes off, Chuck surmises that G must have some juicy dirt on Serena.

Later, S goes to visit G and tells her never to contact her again.  G talks cryptically, mentioning something that Serena walked in on last year.  She was part of some giant scandal, but S claims that she doesn't want to talk about it.  Georgina is supposed to be going back to Switzerland, but will she actually leave?

Little J's boy toy, Asher, shows up at her loft with a bag full of hot dogs.  Rufus isn't amused at first, but he melts a little bit when Asher charms him with a compliment.  In the final scene of the episode, Georgina just happens to run into Dan and flirts with him a bit.  She lies and introduces herself as Sarah.  It looks like G is going to dig her poisonous claws right into Serena's man.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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