Gossip Girl: Dissecting Chuck's Man-Kiss
Gossip Girl: Dissecting Chuck's Man-Kiss
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
I watch Gossip Girl religiously, but I know a lot of people who tuned in this week just to see the perpetually husky-voiced and pouting Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) kiss another dude.

Anyway, while I'm sure a lot of first-time Gossip Girl viewers revolted that the kiss didn't even last three seconds, for those of us who actually watch the show, the kiss fit perfectly within the episode's storyline, and not as what we feared--just some cheap stunt to draw viewers. Did it matter that the kiss was oh-so-short-lived? Maybe for those who tuned in for the spectacle. But in the long run, the fact that it didn't feel contrived made the man-kiss much more worthwhile.

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Chuck is just oozing with sex appeal. A kiss from him, after all, is item #27 on the Tribeca Scavenger Hunt, something that became even harder to accomplish with Blair (Leighton Meester) taking him off the market, and I'm sure the fact that it wasn't the first time made the hearts of little gay boys and guys palpitate a trifle quick. For his part, Mr. Ellis (Neal Bledsoe) is not a bad-looking chap himself, and I'm sure that Chuck Bass kiss is going to be up there in his credentials: maybe not the most major, but certainly the most memorable.


Did Chuck enjoy the kiss? He certainly didn't look the least bothered by it. Though, on second thought, few things rattle the Mother-Chucker, so it's really hard to tell.

Was he just playing a part to help out Blair? Or does the brilliance of Chuck's ability to "play their little game" lie in that fact that it all comes so naturally to him, and it's not really playing a part at all? He did say "Tut, tut, I'm not that kind of girl," like a practiced pro.

And he did say that it wasn't the first time. Watching the kiss again (which I'm sure a lot of you did...), Chuck's eyes were closed, we're sure there was no tongue involved--bummer--and he was his usual suave self, with the inviting flutter of the eyes and such.


If anyone should live by the adage, "A kiss is just a kiss," it's Chuck Bass. And yet, what bothered him about the situation wasn't that Neal was a guy, but that the guy wasn't Blair. For the devoted Chair fans out there, the man-kiss proved the opposite of what many of us thought it would: that the only team Chuck wants to play on is Blair's, and he's always been just as committed to keeping the "game" kiss-free as Blair was back when she called the whole thing off.

All in all, a worthy kiss, and since this is Gossip Girl, he can't really be faulted for the circumstances that birthed that kiss and made it possible.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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