Gossip Girl: Casting on for Nate's Cousin
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
On the last episode of Gossip Girl, Chuck was still MIA since his father's funeral, when Uncle Jack came to town to help Chuck pick up the pieces.  With him MIA, however, he needed to find him first.  Meanwhile, Blair was trying her hardest to forget the not so pleasant exchange she had with Chuck, so she set her eyes on the most prestigious ladies club in the city, Colony Club.

Also, upon her turn, Jenny immediately decided to take on Penelope and her posse of mean girls, while Dan tried prying into Rufus and Lilly's secret after he noticed that his father had been acting rather strangely of late.  The other things: Rufus and Lily's love child is a boy, after all; Serena broke up with Aaron a mere three hours after she left New York for Buenos Aires; and Dan and Serena got back together.

In other developments, Entertainment Weekly reports that Gossip Girl is on a lookout for an addition to the Archibald clan in the person of Nate's cousin.  The name of the character is Kip Vanderbilt, described as “wealthy, confident, politically-minded and extremely good-looking” that should further strengthen the already visually appetizing cast that is the CW hit.  Now the yet-to-be-cast character, in his 20s, is married, so no dice for the girls of Upper East Side.

On the next episode of Gossip Girl, the Bass clan – Chuck, Bart's brother, Lily, and Jack, to be played by guest star Desmond Harrington – will finally learn their fate as per the reading of Bart's will.  Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily's relationship is strained as Rufus seeks details about the child he never knew he had.  Dexter star Desmond Harrington guest stars as Jack, Chuck's brother on this episode.

- Glenn Paul Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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