'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Princess Dowry'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Princess Dowry'
Tonight, Gossip Girl celebrated the devious and drunkard life of Cece Rhodes by hosting an Irish wake at Lily's home without her permission - which turned out to be fine because it was actually Cece's property, and she's handed it over to Ivy Dickens. Surprise! That was the most exciting part of an episode filled with so many twists and turns that it felt like getting lost in one's own living room, or at least the van der Woodsen's living room. Not only did Cece pull a number on everyone from her throne room in God's palace, but Carol's been keeping a horrifying secret of her own that's sure to have the family spinning in their seats.

And what of Blair Waldorf and her merry band of men? Season 5, episode 17 ("The Princess Dowry") spent a lot of time doing and undoing her prenuptial clause, only to end up bankrupting her family and caring very little about it now that she has a new boyfriend in Dan. She wasn't the only one who didn't care, though, seeing as the number of viewers tweeting about the episode tonight was much lower than normal. Those of you who were left, however, had plenty to say about the drama that was going down. Here are the night's best tweets:

#10. @NoWhiteNoise 
Before it even starts, the entire episode is taking place during CeCe's funeral. Scheming and all. So, already, this ep is ridiculous. #gg

- The irony here is that most of the scheming was done by the dead Cece herself. Perfection!

#9. @mojotastic 
I want [Philip and Georgina] to have a spinoff where they incompetently run websites and Georgina never puts out. #GG

- This is a GG spin-off I would pay to see, and would prefer to the current show.

#8. @KellyRutherford
There's way too many ppl running into ppl at this party that shouldn't. #CrowdedHouse #GG

- Nothing like a few too many coincidences to remind you you're a star of Gossip Girl, is there, Kelly?

#7. @real_cassidy 
If @GGWriters HAD to kill off CeCe, at least they infused her with an Irish sense of humor & a WASP's unrelenting lack of ANY emotion #GG

- This is true. It cannot be said that Cece's wake didn't do her justice. Nothing but heartbreak, gin and secrets all over the place!

6. @Actual_Corrine 
All that worrying, and Blair was just like, well, okay then #gg

- So glad someone else noticed that. Will the Real Blair Waldorf please stand up?

#5. @_oktg 
My favorite thing about Chuck Bass is that he is sooo chill in any situation. Just chillin at the bar as always. #GG

- It's a good thing Chuck looks good chillin', because he isn't given much else to do nowadays.

#4. @curvysocialite 
Seriously, [Nate] gets around better than Spitzer's escort #GG

- Well, have you seen the man? It's well-deserved!

#3. @spottedblog  
So Jack Bass saved Chuck's life. #GossipGirl

- Words your thought you'd never hear!

#2. @dkny
Do u think Dan uses a curling iron to get the front curl? Or is it au natural? #GG

- That hair has to take practice.

#1. @cesvonz 
FYI Blair, you are STILL married!! #GossipGirl

- Love that the original author is still trying to make sense of the show!

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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