'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Fasting and the Furious'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Fasting and the Furious'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl was all about the lost and found: Nate found his moral compass, Louis found his balls when it came to defending Blair, Chuck found he should have been spending money on therapists rather than prostitutes, and Serena found where she had accidentally misplaced her love for Dan somewhere in season 3.

Season 5, episode 5 ("The Fasting and the Furious") celebrated Yom Kippur with a little bit of atonement from our favorite characters, as it seemed that everyone was either making up for a few past wrongs or else covering their old misdeeds up. And how did the viewers celebrate this episode of penitence, you might ask?

Well, behold some of the evening's most heartfelt tweets. Perhaps the confessions of others will help you decide what sins you think GG needs to atone for:

Recap: 'The Fasting and the Furious'

#10. CB_inevitable
If all therapists dressed like that, I'm sure a lot more guys would consider therapy. #gg
- It does make one wonder if that therapist in a tight skirt was purposely placed in the dog park to make Chuck consider changing his ways...

#9. maribells01
Ugh, poor Serena, having to pretend to like Dan. Fate worse than death right there. #gg
- What kind of fate is it when it turns out Serena really does like that Dan? Uh oh...

#8. awwthatsnice
Nate and Chuck... Showing Serena and Blair how you seek advice from your biffle at their work since 2007. #GossipGirl
- Do Nate and Chuck ever get mad at each other anymore? They are like the Yoda of best friends.

#7. mjpappas
In reality wouldn't everyone be speaking French so no one could over hear? Blair knows French and obviously so do the royals #GG
- Ahhh, logical thought. Not exactly something we associate with our favorite teen soap, is it?

#6. jazy736
I didn't understand a single word that was spoken in the entire royal scene. What a royal pain in the ass. #GossipGirl
- At some point, you'd think the directors would just decide subtitles are easier for everyone, wouldn't you?

#5. carlybb
It's amazing that Blair believes in DS way more than either D/S do. #GossipGirl
- It's amazing that that DS has even been revived enough for anyone to believe in them. What do the rest of you think?

#4. mojotastic
If there was ever anyone to not fight with your bestie about it's Daniel Humphrey. #gossipgirl
- Agreed. If you're going to fight with your bestie about anyone, let it be Garrett Hedlund.

#3. iamjessicadawn
So does, like, the agreement still stand if the baby is in fact a Bass? #GG #criticalthinking #teamchair
- Team Baby Bass in the face of Blair's words to the contrary! Well, if Louis' anger at the end of the episode is anything to go by, you may be onto something after all...

#2. carlybb
Why does NO ONE stay mad at Dan Humphrey? Everyone just goes "meh" a week later and call him back. #GossipGirl
- It's probably a trait Dan inherited from either his romantic or familial relationship with Serena.

#1. _love_me_do_
Imagine if Diana is Chuck's mom, Nate would be all DUDE, I BANGED YOUR MOM!! #GossipGirl
- And, see, Chuck and Dan are such good best friends that they could probably get over that, too!

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