'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The End of the Affair'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The End of the Affair'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl had many fake-outs and even more resolutions, as is customary when one breaks up with an old year and starts their relationship with a new one. We thought Blair had ditched Chuck in order to conduct a secret affair with Dan, but it turns out that she was really trying to keep Chuck safe all along. Nate spent most of the episode on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who wanted Chuck and Blair dead, but it turned out someone wanted to hurt him instead. Lily and Rufus followed leads that hinted at Charlotte Rhodes still being in NYC, but it turned out they were accidentally hunting another Charlie. The real one? We'll find out!

"The End of The Affair" had people freaking out all over twitter over all their ships (everyone from DB to DS to CB got some action tonight!), and I'm here to select a few of the best tweets. Remember, just because I don't pick your tweet doesn't mean I won't still love you.

#10. suzannebleu 
Oh seriously show? I normally love Blair's 'My Life Is A Classic' moments, but this #TheEndOfTheAffair stuff is too much. 

- Not going to lie, the blatant usage of EOTA's soundtrack and scenes from the movie gave away the ending twist in the first 5 minutes. Oh, and the episode title, too...

#9. Totesmarisa
Just so you guys know, pub houses don't traditionally go into 2nd printings just bc authors create dueling Twitter feeds... #GossipGirl #GG

 - Gossip Girl had a strategic relationship with The Doctor's TARDIS, allowing Dan's book to have its 2nd printing and Nate to become editor-in-chief before Blair even gets a baby bump or Lily even gets a story line!

#8. Hello World!
So the real triangle is Blair and Chuck AND GOD?! OT3 tbh. Sorry, G, but you don't stand a chance. 

- If you're going to have to fight someone for the woman you love, you may as well face down The Big Guy.

#7. cesvonz
OK, Elizabeth Hurley CAN'T be Gossip Girl. It's Monkey, Chuck's dog. #gossipgirl

- This is probably the best theory out there so far. Maybe GG was Monkey, but then Monkey got transformed into a dog and THAT'S why she's been so silent this season?

#6. GenFT
Will Gossip Girl be Nate's new love interest?

-  I hadn't thought of this, BUT I LOVE IT. The ultimate in Nate dating backstabbing bitches out for anything they can get!

#5. NoWhiteNoise
Why is the real Charlie in class so late on New Year's Eve #dontquestionit #itsgossipgirl #gg

- Forget it, Michael. It's Gossip Girl Town.

#4. kiannak23
Serena stares at Dan who stares at Blair who stares at Chuck. Louis forever alone. This is one big rectangle plus one

- LOL! Ain't that the truth? Poor Louis. Does anyone have Eva's number? Unloved French people need to stick together.

#3. arhakim
Ahhhhhh that ending. I'm so glad #GossipGirl is back to raise my blood pressure every week

- If anything, we've been TOO healthy over the winter holidays. It was time to shake that up.

#2. mojotastic 
I think everyone's New Years resolution was to be really, really stupid this year. Doing pretty well so far #GossipGirl 

- It does feel like they could have been just a LITTLE bit more perceptive, doesn't it? Or at least made more intelligent resolutions in the first place.

#1. awwthatsnice
Chuck and Blair deserve Jason Katims. What a dream come true that would be.

- Yes! I think we all miss FNL. Maybe Chuck and Blair can move to Texas and play football?

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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