'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Big Sleep No More'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Big Sleep No More'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl was all about lies, games and theatre. It showed characters playing one another and shed light on potential new couples while reigniting old flames. How did Twitter feel about the romantic developments? Read through our most awesome tweets of the evening to find out.

#10. tjamesreagan ...
Nate Archibald: "It's time I stop letting other people tell me what to do. I'll make my own decisions" *eats handful of broken glass* #gg

- The discrepancy between what Nate thinks he's doing and what the audience knows he's doing is always a little depressing.

#9. jazy736 
Chuck doesn't need clues to find Blair! #GG

- Perfect callback to 1.06 - another episode where Chuck still recognized Blair, even when she was wearing a mask.

#8. CarrieFever666
Its all fun and games until Serena steals your man. #GossipGirl #GG

- Maybe that should be Serena's new job: professional man-stealer! She is very good at it.

#7. Kang72
Aw, little robot Nate is going to try to think for himself? Hope his gears don't get stuck! #gg

- Nate is the little robot that could. We should all have faith in his mechanical skills! 

#6. IamLoriCakes
I'm going to start rudely bumping into guys on the street. It seems to work for Serena on #GG.

- It's either the fashionably long legs or the fashionably long last name. Not sure which, but one of them is the key to a man's heart.

#5. NikkiOgun 
#gg late pass: Charlie's gonna drink a "glass of water" when she's nervous? Yeah right. That chick's taking a Xanax/Vodka martini

- Ahh, the power of Ivy. Girlfriend is so good at acting crazy that even the audience forgets she's actually not.

#4. NoWhiteNoise 
The GG masks look like a cross between V for Vendetta's and a stork. NGL to you: sexy.

- Maybe it's because the stork part of the mask reminds you of where babies really come from...?

#3. mojotastic
Love the Rufus/Dan pep talk. If there's one thing Rufus is qualified to talk about, it's failure. #GossipGirl

- Poor Rufus. Even when he does the right thing, he still manages to do it wrong.

#2. sandraisabelmtl
The awkward moment when Blair keeps questioning Chuck's morality and yet she's the one who cheated on Louis... twice! #gossipgirl

- Touche! However, we're sure Blair would have a good defense for this. She's just exposing Chuck's true nature to other unsuspecting princesses!

#1. MsLagerfelt
Loved the kiss scene with @itsmeleighton and Chuck..fabulous! And does Ed not tighten his jaw in the MOST sexy way before he pounces??!

- There's something absolutely wonderful about imagining Cece Rhodes discussing Chuck's hotness, isn't there?

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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