'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Backup Dan'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'The Backup Dan'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl crushed Chuck and Serena's hopes for true love while reaffirming the strength of Dan and Blair's friendship. It also answered some very important questions about Georgina Sparks and her relationship to the infamous internet blogger she is impersonating. The episode also shed light on the mysterious Lola and what her story is. The tweeters watching, however, were much more interested in their disbelief that Blair would ever run around an airport in a wedding dress.

"The Backup Dan" proved that sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees, but isn't it more fun that way? Gossip Girl herself would be nothing without seemingly innocent situations to make scandalous, and we GG tweeters would be nothing without our impeccable attention to detail. Here are some of the best tweets of the night, focused on the hidden gems of the episode:

#10. joannac87 
G: "Cross my heart and hope to die." N:"Here's hoping." Naters got a good line! Good job, buddy! #GG

- Nate's really coming into his own. The less screentime he gets, the more he steals each scene.

#9. GabrielleAdelle
Georgina can't convincingly say "nefarious." And that is why she isn't Gossip Girl. #GG
- See what I mean about the attention to detail? Great foreshadowing!

#8. bridgetland
Escaping avec wedding gown? Come onnn #Blair. Switch to some yoga gear for airport swiftness #GG

- Considering that Blair managed to find clothes once she was at the airport, it does seem like some kind of continuity error that she couldn't just buy some beforehand. She should be a master of disguise!

#7. Maybelline 
You know you've made it when you have a wedding day decoy. #GG

 - Hmm, and since Blair didn't really have a decoy, does that mean she's only made it in her mind?

#6. Cesvonz
What happened to Dorota's baby? Did she have it in the closet? She doesn't look pregnant anymore. #GossipGirl

-  Thank goodness we have the original author of Gossip Girl looking out for these things. How pregnant is Dorota supposed to be now, anyway?

#5. KellyRutherford
@MsLagerfelt Hey CeCe are you out there? #AreYouWatchingMom #GG

- Awww! Lily Van der Woodsen and Cece Rhodes are so my OTP!

#4. GreenFashonista
When is Dan Humphrey going to CUT HIS HAIR?! #GossipGirl #GG

- Everyone on the show mentions it, but no one ever actually does anything about it. It is like the elephant in all our living rooms.

#3. MelissaLynnette
Grimaldis FTW!!!!!! Oh my God. Louis came to play, y'all. #GG

 - There's something hilarious about the fact that we're all now rooting for the bad guys, isn't there?

#2. Awwthatsnice
Aww, Nate needs to cuddle up with Monkey. He'll never lie to him.

- This is what I'm talking about! Just be nice to poor Nate and don't lie to him, people!

#1. Mojotastic
Things that have kept Chair apart this season: doomed baby, lisping princes, GOD, now a DOWRY? Out. Of. Ideas. #GossipGirl

- At this point, Blair should really just tell Chuck she can't be with him before it's not the season finale yet. Problem solved!

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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