'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Salon of the Dead'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Salon of the Dead'
Dan and Blair's intellectual conversations may have fallen flat on this week's Gossip Girl, but the mystery of Diana Payne got everyone talking. Rufus and Lily's marital problems inspired mockery and sympathy, Serena and Lola's GG shenanigans exasperated and confounded the audience, but nothing inspired more SNL-style tweets than the possibility of Nate becoming Chuck's new step-father. Here are some of the night's best tweets:

#10. @NoWhiteNoise 
Whenever they have these real UES socialites on Gossip Girl, I always get newfound respect for Chace's acting abilities. #gg

- Chace tries, the poor boy.

#9. @Maybelline
As a New Yorker, I'll tell you this: it would be much easier for Lily to find another Rufus than another fabulous apartment. #priorities #GG

- As much as I love my Rufly, I've got to agree that Lily wanting to find a new apartment is a big sacrifice.

#8. @SecretaryFiles 
Just an FYI #GG fans: Lars von Trier can barely cross a bridge, much less fly or float to NYC to hold auditions. #gossipgirl #factcheck

- I knew something about that ordeal seemed a little off...

#7. @ShawnMarieH
Chuck should just pay Serena to find out his secrets. She did more in two minutes than Andrew Tyler did in two months. #gossipgirl

- Wow, I think we finally uncovered the one thing Serena's good at. Love it!

6. @gossipgirl
"I'm officially resigning from the Upper East Side." (Does that mean there's an opening for someone new?)

- I hear cries of "Pick me!" all throughout the country tonight...

#5. @RauhlPrincess
Remember when Blair said to Chuck she'd always be his family? Yet when he gets a nuclear bomb dropped on him, she's getting ice.

- The unspoken tragedy of the episode right there.

#4. @ColonelBoston 
#GossipGirl is a great show. Yeah I said it. Sure I've never watched it w/ the volume on or while wearing pants, but that's beside the point.

- Aww, see? Boys like it, too!

#3. @norbuck 
I really love the song that concludes tonight's episode of GOSSIP GIRL. It captures everything I feel about the show.

- The song is "Youth" by Foxes, and it gives me hope that the director of the episode would also like the dragons from Game of Thrones to appear on the show.

#2. @mojotastic 
I was really hoping for Diana to be Bart Bass you guys. I'm really sad. #GossipGirl

- There is still hope! Gossip Girl said it was the wrong secret at the end of the episode. Never forget.

#1. @cesvonz
I always knew Chuck was vaguely British : )

- Of all the actor allusions in all the world, this one might be the most fun. Thanks, Cecily!

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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