'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Rhodes to Perdition'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Rhodes to Perdition'
This week's Gossip Girl episode, "Rhodes To Perdition," got all of us tweeting about our expectations for Caroline Lagerfelt's return to the small screen as the great Cece Rhodes, our assumptions regarding Louis' whereabouts, and the ways in which we underestimated poor Nate's abilities to make it in the hardcore world of competitive blogging.

#10. awwthatsnice 
Why is this Tripp storyline necessary? If it doesn't lead to Diana revealing she's Bart Bass, what is the point?!?! #GossipGirl

- Looks like fans are still willing to do whatever it takes to get Bart Bass back on this show. Season 1 guest stars: you are missed.

#9. NoWhiteNoise 
Cece only added him on the guest list to make Dan jealous. You know it. #gg
- Speaking of season 1 guest stars, Cece was back tonight and certainly sparked discussion of all our favorite ships of hers - DaCece being first among them.

#8. tweety_bass 
Louis doing missionary work with Cavalia or doing the missionary position with the priest?! lol 

- Oh, dear! Could you imagine if Father Cavalia was doing the deed with both royal siblings? It certainly seems like priests have all the fun...

#7. BoomBoomBangx
Wonder what Serena was typing? "Met a cute guy. groped him after an hour. Now we're making cakes. zomg."

- Poor Serena cannot resist the allure of a guy who stalks her for 24 hours.

#6. natefused
I love how this is the second day Blair has cleared her schedule to spend with Chuck lol

- A) This is what you do when you're over someone, duh. B) Amazing username!

#5. nina_lux
"I'd like to be the center of attention tonight" Like you have to ask, @MsLagerfelt ?! #Cece #GG

- No matter what anyone feels about Gossip Girl, we can always agree that Cece Rhodes is its shining star.

Of all the dumb plotlines in the land, I think Nate as editor of anything other than his own hair products is just the dumbest. #gg

- Nate's transformation from kept man to keeper of all the secrets was quite abrupt and sudden. But who isn't just a little excited to see Archibald in charge?

#3. simplecrazy8810
I think Blair always thought Chuck would be waiting. It seems like she is waiting for him to save her from Louis. As are viewers. #gossipgirl

- And thank goodness it's sweeps, meaning the royal wedding is coming to a close and Blair will be free to interact with the rest of the cast once more!

#2. totesmarisa 
@ihatehumphrey has more followers than @humphreylove. :(  #GG
- In the twitter war between good and evil, who will win this round?

#1. MsLagerfelt
#GossipGirl #EdWestwick @itsmeleighton have that rare quality with @KellyRutherford of being gorgeous, sexy and above all great at comedy!!

- Caroline Lagerfelt may love her humble pie, but we'd all rather be eating her Studio 54 cake in celebration of how fantastic she was this episode! CECE FOREVER.

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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