'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Raiders of the Lost Art'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Raiders of the Lost Art'
Chuck's parentage is the song that never ends, but at least this time one of our favorite characters managed to come back from the grave in order to thrill and excite us. Serena's merry-go-round of Gossip Girl impersonation seems to have ended for now, but perhaps the most surprising moment of the episode was Dan saying those three little words to the equivalent of an empty loft. "Raiders of the Lost Art" felt like the first real Gossip Girl episode in a long time, and we have several exciting tweets to confirm it. Here are some of the night's best tweets:

#10. @Maybelline
I need @DorotaNYC to pry electronic devices out of my hands the way she does to S. She could keep me sane. #GG

- So say we all.

#9. @AwkwardGG
The awkward fact that Serena is awful at keeping secrets. She's like a month into this #gossipgirl thing & already 3 people know who she is.

- And you know it's got to be bad when one of those people is Nate.

#8. @TVandDinners
This entire ep of #GossipGirl has turned into the "razz Nate show" and I couldn't love it more.

- Nate might just get us all for this, and our little dogs, too!

#7. @NoWhiteNoise 
I really hope they show that Elizabeth photoshopped picture in this episode again because I can use the LOLs. #gg

- I loved seeing it again, too, though the photoshop was unfortunately not a plot point.

#6. @snglegrlprblms 
Someone needs to gift wrap me Chuck Bass. #singlegirlproblems #gossipgirl 

- Considering Blair's affronted reaction to hookers hitting on him, we don't think anyone could manage it for you.

#5. @ggwriters 
So glad you liked tonight's ep. We do too. We've been waiting months for you to see it!! Years, actually.

- And we've been waiting months and years to love GG this much again! Even stevens.

#4. @shelbsingleton 
OMGOMGOMG! After pretty much waiting 20 episodes for an amazing one #gossipgirl finally did it! #freakingout

- This season was definitely on shaky ground, but it's so nice to see that GG can get its mojo back when it wants to.

#3. @cesvonz
What did Blair see? Bart Bass's mummified body is Gossip Girl via a robotic texting hand and transplanted chimpanzee brain!?!? #GossipGirl

- She was so so close. Guess it has something to do with creating the characters in the first place.

#2. @mojotastic: Now that Bart is back, I can't wait for Cece to return next season at her own Haunted House Sex Party. #GossipGirl

- The public demands it. We can't just pick and choose the amazing people we bring back from the dead - it's not fair!

#1. @HRdancepassion7
I knewwww BART BASS was alive I KNEWWWW IT!!! i cant wait til nxt monday #gossipgirl <3
- I knew it, too! I just thought he would be alive as a woman named Diana Payne. Sad.

Tatiana del Pilar
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