'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'It Girl, Interrupted'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'It Girl, Interrupted'
Gossip Girl this week had several schemes and double crosses from the least likely sources. Who would have thought Nate, Lola and Serena had it in them to outsmart anyone? Well, at least Nate and Lola did - if only they hadn't forgotten child pornography is illegal. Serena had to follow the tradition of getting screwed over herself and losing more of her old life. It also had plenty of Princess Brides and Princess Peach dresses since Blair needed to mourn her royal life onscreen instead of her baby. But what it was lacking was the one thing every GG tweeter wanted to know: Who is Chuck's mother?

Tonight, the internet was abuzz with everything from praise for the fine specimens of manhood Gossip Girl provides to confusion over Blair's priorities and flat-out mockery of Serena. But the one thing everyone had in common was desperation to know whether or not Diana Payne really is Bart Bass. Here are some of the best tweets from "It Girl, Interrupted."

#10. ShawnMarieH 
Why is Serena dressed like Snooki from Jersey Shore? I'm waiting for her to shout out "Cabs are here!" #gossipgirl

- Clearly it's a cleverly plotted-out shout out to the poor girl's identity crisis this episode.

#9. awwthatsnice
Damn. The pants of this tracksuit. DAMN. Time to change that name to Chuck Ass.

- If anyone was meant to pull off a bright red tracksuit, it is definitely Chuck Bass. And your new name certainly fits.

#8. CDupas 
Does #GossipGirl's stylist Eric Daman really have Ed Westwick (Chuck) in a onesie? Not hot, Eric. Not hot.

- Uh oh. This is the real fanwar of the season. Whose side are you on?

#7. Actual_Corrine 
Maybe that's why Lily is so close to Chuck: they're both sociopaths #gg

- Aww, but at least they have each other to ignore social norms with. 

#6. alyssaanniam 
If I were Serena, I would have just walked down the runway anyway. #GG

- Right? Serena was replaced by a pod person this week, but this was probably the biggest mystery out of all of them.

#5. NoWhiteNoise 
"Yay!!! Another love triangle!!!! :D :D :D :D" --No one. #gg

- What?! But what about the famed Diana/Monkey/Ivy of season 6?

#4. AwkwardGG
The awkward fact that it never occurred to Nate that sending out a sex tape of a minor could get him into trouble. #gossipgirl

- Nate's too pretty to concern himself with the law!  We should thank our lucky stars he figured out how to work the videophone.

#3. mojotastic
I love that Blair has mourned the loss of her pretty princess tiara longer than her miscarried baby. Oh #GossipGirl! Hilarious

- But losing a baby is sad. Losing a tiara is juicy, fun and delicious! 

#2. Maybelline
I think Dan & Blair are starting to look alike. Reason #674 why they shouldn't be together. #GG

- Their hair flows wild and free like the wind on the MET steps, man!

#1. GoodbyeGG 
Please, we ALL know that Anne Archibald is Chuck's mother and him and Nathaniel are brothers.

- I can't decide if I like this better than Nate having slept with Chuck's mother - or better yet, his father - but it's as good a guess as any!

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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