'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'I Am Number Nine'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'I Am Number Nine'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl got our characters in touch with their inner, emotional numbers. Dan was number 9 on the bestseller's list, Chuck was number 2 in Blair's heart, and Ivy was number 1 on the list of potential bridesmaids for the (next) royal wedding of the year.

"I Am Number Nine" sparked a lot of conversation in the Twitterverse, from those of us crying over Chuck's apology to Blair to those of us ranting over Dan's judgments of Serena and to those of us desperate to know just what Diana Payne's purpose is. Below are some of the best tweets for interpreting this evening's Gossip Girl zeitgeist:

#10. MelissaLynnette
"I start to run..." Lies, Chuck. You have never run in your entire life.

- While some of us unfortunately remember his sprint up the stairs in season 4, it is much easier to imagine that Chuck Bass always merely glides through life, isn't it?

#9. andilavs
"These two guys gay? They look like they're hooking up." Serious question from man friend re: Dan and Rufus Humphrey. #GG

- Poor Rufus! He's always accused of either being a trophy husband or attracted to his kids.

#8. Maybelline
I still don't understand what @ElizabethHurley does...I mean besides Nate. #GG

- To be fair, does one really need to do anything else when Nate is already on the list?

#7. thecollegecrush 
Oh my god! Louis is scheming with the therapist! SO UPPER EAST SIDE!! #GG

- It seems no one can escape the pull of a good scheme on this show. Moral of the story? Don't mess with rich people.

#6. FashionaBlu 
I wouldn't mind seeing a movie on Blair's "Bridesmaids" - it'll sure be entertaining, borderline offensive...#GG

- Blair certainly did get in touch with her inner mean girl again today and we loved every second of it.

#5. kboltbooker 
Dan letting Serena protect his unwritten screenplay is like letting Selena Gomez be in charge of your 401K #gg

- Poor Serena. She always has good intentions, but you know what they say about that road to Hell...

#4. iamjessicadawn Jessica Pepperman 
Charlie is #winning. No pun intended. #GG

- A wonderful non-pun, especially considering how crazy "Charlie" is willing to get to come out on top, and what a good actress she is. Parallels?

#3. iamjessicadawn
So does, like, the agreement still stand if the baby is in fact a Bass? #GG #criticalthinking #teamchair

- Team Baby Bass in the face of Blair's words to the contrary! Well, if Louis' anger at the end of the episode is anything to go by, you may be onto something after all...

#2. BlackBarbieRell
Every guy should take notes from Chuck Bass tonight on how to apologize to a lady #gg

- As a lady, I must certainly agree that this apology would work on me.

#1. KellyRutherford 
I'm trying to remember if I'm even in this episode ;)

- Sorry, Kelly, you weren't. But Lily van der Woodsen was sorely missed!

Tatiana del Pilar
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