'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'G.G.'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'G.G.'
Gossip Girl's 100th episode had treats for all the fans that have been along for the ride since the pilot: From Serena echoing Blair's doomed "Always have, always will" sentiment to Eleanor reversing her unintentional cruelty towards her daughter to Gossip Girl maybe finally telling the secret she swore never to reveal, every GG fan got a huge taste how far they've come on this journey.
It seems the twitterverse, however, was more focused on the present-day and trying to prevent the wedding at all costs. Looks like the Gossip Girl fandom can band together when it comes to a guest star literally no one wants to stick around! Here are some of the best tweets about "G.G."

#10. AmandaBurcul
Loooove the way they slipped in a Young Folks cover for the 100th episode - anyone remember it in the very first ep?! Song was huge then #GG

- Callback to the pilot! It was the most obvious and, in a way, the most striking.

#9. Maybelline
Before I comment on this situation, I must say this: I would be pissed if people kept their phones on at my wedding. #GG #GG100

- But if someone's not recording the event, or texting or tweeting about it, then how do we know it's really happening?

#8. xoJOANNAmarieJoJo
#gossipgirl hate to say this but I cant wait for Georgina Sparks to ruin Blair's parade

- Who doesn't want this? Go, Georgie, go!

#7. _meljr_
What happened to the Nate Archibald who just wanted to get high and play Halo. #RememberNair

- Aww, at least Nate remembered Nair, even if he's grown up and out of high school loves and video games. 

#6. cesvonz
Why do all the boys look like they're losing their hair? Is that a royal wedding thing? #gossipgirl

- It's probably to detract attention from everyone's fascinators, Cecily.

#5. KellyRutherford
Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married...Everyone sing with me!

- Awww, of course Lily would be happy about the event. UES shindigs are perfection no matter whose heart is breaking.

#4. JoshSchwartz76 
save chuck and blair is trending. whatever does this mean?

- Our mighty show creator notices the fanbases trending! Let's hope he wasn't too mad that one of the other TTs spoiled their big G.G. surprise... 

#3. GoldielockzAma
It's kinda sad how he turned things around her. Lesson: marry for the right reasons and on a clear conscience. #GG

- It's amazing how this advice would have been helpful for Blair and Nate five years ago, too.

#2. aShotofJen
Chuck would handle the business, Dan will just help you run away. Come on Blair....get it together! #GG

- Running away seems to be what Blair's been doing all season. Wonder when someone will convince her to stay and fight? 

#1. NoWhiteNoise 
As for Serena van der Woodsen, you are officially irrelevant. #gg

- It's not a pilot callback, but it is one to the season 2 finale! Poor, poor Serena...

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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