'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Despicable B'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Despicable B'
Jack being Chuck's father may have been the trending topic of choice during tonight's Gossip Girl, but the outpouring of sympathy for Serena's daddy issues admiration-turned-to-horror over Lily dismantling her family in the name of vengeance were also very noteworthy. Blair running in circles around the question of who she is and why she's in Brooklyn rounded out the GG-related tweets for the evening.

"Despicable B" answered a few questions while opening up many more, but viewers were mostly exciting to finally have some mystery and scandal in their television world again. Here are some of the night's best tweets:

#10. @michelleemnz 
I remember the days when Blair humiliated other people now she only humiliate herself #GG

- A moment of silence for the ex-Queen B. But next week looks like she might be finding herself again!

#9. @RealTVChat
Nate shoved more than his tongue into Chuck's mother in case you are keeping tabs. xoxo #GG

- I'm a mother-lover, you're a mother-lover...

#8. @lesleykat 
Lily is the original Queen Bee. Nobody messes with mama Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphrey #GG

- She's seriously teaching all the other ladies what it means to be a Gossip Girl.

#7. @CB_inevitable 
If the real Blair has been lost for two years...whose soul did Donut peer into in 5.12? Claire's?

- It was probably just the intel he gathered from the magical off-screen essay contest.

6. @curvysocialite 
Wait, our daughter? Seriously? You are choosing Lolita over Serena? What a dad. #gg 

- So true. Seeing William care so much for Lola just made me want to smack him on Serena's behalf.

#5. @thecollegecrush 
Out of all the guys on #GG Serena's dad is the biggest heartbreaker #horrible

- This might be the most sympathy Serena's ever gotten on the show. Snaps for her!

#4. @mojotastic
"You sound just like your mother" "I'll take that as a compliment." -And she should! Cece is awesome. #GossipGirl

- It's about time someone other than Ivy recognized Cece's majesty onscreen.

#3. @cesvonz
Love how Chuck always seeks comfort in Monkey--when B isn't around. #gossipggirl

- Awww! Monkey's Chuck's replacement B.

#2. @caroline_paige
Great episode of #GossipGirl tonight. @NYmag / @Vulture was almost successful at ending Dan and Blair!

- So close, and yet so far. Oh, well. There's always next week!

#1. @NoWhiteNoise
Well we all thought Nate slept with Chuck's dad but it turns out that was Blair. Don't care. Living in my #DIANAPAYNEISBARTBASS bubble.

- They did say Diana Payne appeared 3 years ago - AFTER BART DIED.

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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