'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Cross Rhodes'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Cross Rhodes'
Tonight, Gossip Girl finally let go of old fights between good friends, of denial between people who want each other, and of the beloved Cece Rhodes. While the elder van der Woodsens had to face betrayals from all sides of their family, Serena actually took it upon herself to forgive Blair for her feelings for Dan and continue their friendship despite the pain it caused. In the meantime, Nate acted as a shoulder to lean on for Lola, who discovered all the ways her family had lied to her. Only Chuck and Ivy were left in the cold after owning up to their mistakes and trying to right them - but perhaps Georgina can remedy that for both of them?

Season 5, episode 16 ("Cross Rhodes") upped the stakes for a lot of our favorite characters. Faced with their grandmother's death, Serena realized her friendship with Blair was more important than her feelings for Dan, Lola realized her entire life had been a lie and Ivy realized there was actually a will to be dealt with in the midst of all her caretaking. While fans were divided on whether to pay attention to that story or shout hurrah (as well as cry foul) on the Dan/Blair/Chuck element, everyone got to tell Cece their goodbyes. Here are some of the best tweets of the night:

#10. @ awwthatsnice
Nate took his beer away the last time you lied, Lola. What will he do now?

- You lie to Nate Archibald, you face the consequences.

#9. @ NoWhiteNoise
Why does everyone want to call the cops this episode? Has the writer even SEEN Gossip Girl before? #gg

- Well, they are new to this season, after all... Maybe GG writers don't have access to the same DVDs we do?

#8. @miss_SLY
So Lola can use a smart phone, but isn't smart enough to clear her calling history?? Geezus. #GG

- The Gossip Girl kids are not really as up on technology as one would think, are they?

#7. @nicolekarlis
What in the world is Mr. Bass planning?? #GG

- That could be a game, à la Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

#6. @signaturescarf: 
So disappointed Dan and Cece didn't have one last night together.

- Goodbye, Greatest OTP That Never Was!

#5. @Maybelline
Really, Ivy? You're just hanging around the house in that necklace? #gg

- And it's things like that which make us doubt the gal's true intentions!

#4. @mojotastic
Is it wrong that I really want Blair to start hitting on every guy on the show? Like "Hey there Rufus, you working that parka, boy." #GG

- At this point, I wouldn't be surprised.

#3. @WhoIsArlette
#GG! Wow! I'm on the edge of my seat. This tale of two Charlies is bringing back the drama in a major way!

- It truly is refreshing to have a story line that grips the audience without inciting ship wars.

#2. @cesvonz
Dan is acting so cocky these days. Kind of miss the old insecure shy Lonely Boy. 

- Truthfully, the Dan that Cecily von Ziegesar wrote was so fun because he didn't have everything he wanted. Don't know what to make of this new one that has it all.

#1. @MsLagerfelt 
Producers wrote an adorable email saying they were giving me "killer" scenes-didn't know they meant they were actually going to kill me lol!

- Caroline Lagerfelt, you will be missed. The Rhodes matriarch brought so much class to this show. What will we do without her?

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of The CW)