'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Con Heir'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Con Heir'
Tonight, Gossip Girl continued its latest tradition of attempting to honor Cece Rhodes, but instead the episode lost focus on her and put the spotlight on petty squabbles between the family members she left behind. Ivy threw a party benefitting Cece's Cancer organization with William's help, but Mr. van der Woodsen was actually being pushed into helping by his ex-wife in order to out Ivy as the con artist she is. Of course this entire mess ended up on Gossip Girl with Serena's help - no one will figure out who she is if she only posts about herself, right? -  so everyone ended up losing until Lola managed to save the day.

What happened elsewhere, in the land of the slightly less despicable? "Con Heir" delved into the dark depths of Dan and Blair's inability to complete satisfying coitus, and it was hilarious yet depressing. Check out our favorite tweets:

#10. @mojotastic
I can't wait until Chuck's heartbreaking Mad Cow storyline. #GossipGirl
- Poor Chuck really is the butt-monkey of this show, isn't he? I'm just waiting for the tuberculosis to strike,

#9. @Maybelline
Good thing I already ate dinner. I just lost my appetite. Thanks, Dan & Blair. #GG
- Thankfully, they more than made up for our appetites with their own! Waffle jokes forever.

#8. @NoWhiteNoise
Serena VDW: Let me just post blasts about everything that's happening to me. They'll be none the wiser! #gg
- Sometimes being super obvious is the best disguise. They'd never believe GG would be that stupid!

#7. @AwkwardGG
The sad and awkward fact that Blair doesn't seem the least bit off-put or saddened over seeing Dorota's baby. #gossipgirl
- She mourned off-screen for a month, guys. Who wouldn't be over it?

#6. @gossipgirl
There's only one Gossip Girl, my loves. When will my imposters figure that out? #GossipGirl
- My thoughts exactly, GG! You and Kristen Bell need to get back here immediately.

#5. @lala_sparkles
Serena, you always ruin everything. #GossipGirl #GG
- Aww, she doesn't mean to! But she's so good at it, isn't she?

#4. @santagati
Wait, so Chuck Bass DOESN'T have Hepatitis C? This is pretty much the biggest news of the episode, no? #GG
- LOL! Agreed.

#3. @dkny 
Watching B & D kiss is like seeing someone wear square toe pumps when it's all about pointy. You just have to look away- #GG
- Good thing fashion faux pas is Dan's middle name!

#2. @cesvonz
Oh how I wish Dorota could be GG! #GossipGirl Love how she says "anatomical" and "you need to talk to Mr Lonely Boy."
- I'm going to take this as proof from the author herself that Dorota IS Gossip Girl! Approved.

#1. @lindseyyhumburg
Okay Ivy is seriously bitching about being thrown out of the family after conning them all for a trust fund that wasn't hers?! #really?! #GG
- Yeah, I think this one pretty much takes the cake...

Tatiana del Pilar
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