'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The End of the Affair'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The End of the Affair'
This week's Gossip Girl episode zipped backwards and forwards through time, straddling the two years it had to represent. Lies were piled on top of more lies in order to protect secrets, relationships, and the people our Upper East Siders love the most. Serena faked a relationship with Dan in order to cover for the fake relationship he was thought to be having with Blair, who was covering up the real reason she left Chuck heartbroken and alone after he woke up from his coma. Ivy Dickens tried to run away and disappear from the fake family she had found as Charlie Rhodes, but didn't realize she was leaving behind traces of the real Charlie Rhodes. Finally, it seemed that Nate and - surprisingly - Gossip Girl were the only two people on the path to finding actual truth, seeing as they've teamed up to track down the person responsible for Chuck and Blair's accident.

"The End of The Affair?" broke a lot of hearts - both those of our characters and of our audience members. However, everyone's made it out alive (even if they are emotionally scarred for the time being), and a New Year can only mean a new start. From Serena resolving to be the new-and-improved Gossip Girl and Nate setting out to be the greatest detective ever to Blair resolving to stay away from Chuck forever and Chuck himself ensuring that she never succeeds, tonight was full of new directions in which to take everyone's story. The episode's best quotes show us just how much is changing in the world of our favorites, and just how much they don't realize everything's still exactly the same.

#10. Chuck Bass (to Blair): "How can you say we weren't important? We were the only thing that matters."

- A heartbreaking statement to make when one person is your whole world and you feel like you don't fit into theirs anymore. A little tear-jerking, perhaps?

#9. Chuck: "Did you know Blair was in town?"
Dan Humphrey: "No, I live in Brooklyn."

- A reference to Dan being an outsider again! Who doesn't miss those, even if it's now a lie?

#8. Nate Archibald (to Dan): "You know, Inside didn't make it into our Year's Best Book List. Sorry, dude."

- Ooooh, BURN, Nate! New year, new zingers from Nate!

#7. Blair (to Dan): "The only ones who know are you, me and God. And God doesn't blab."

- Yeah, but I'm pretty sure God wants to blab right now, Blair. He is probably cursing his decision not to interfere in teen soaps.

#6. Louis Grimaldi (to Chuck): "You obviously have your own agenda where Blair is concerned."

- Louis Grimaldi, have you met Chuck? "Blair Agenda" could be his middle name! 

#5. Lily van der Woodsen (to Rufus): "I am so excited about New Year's karaoke! Will you hate me if I sing "This World" again?'"

- Okay, WHY wasn't this in the episode? It would have helped dry a few tears, methinks.

#4. Nate (to Dan): "Oh, nice to see you, too. Did you make your resolution on not lying to your friends?"

- YES! More Archibald zingers! I can't get enough of them, seriously.

#3. Blair Waldorf: "Please, God. You have my baby. You can't take Chuck, too. If you exist, let him live. I'll do anything."

- One simple promise to God can wreck a whole lot of lives. I'd laugh, but the scene was way too emotional, so I'll just cry instead.

#2. Dan: "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you about Serena and me, but we didn't want our families to know, and you're kind of like her brother."
Chuck: "So are you."

- Everyone's got zingers tonight! As much as I love Dan and Serena, their relationship is funny.

#2. Dan (to Serena, about Blair): "You were right. She didn't need my confession. She needed my help."

- Dan also grew a lot in this episode, giving up his own shot at possible happiness in order to give Chuck and Blair theirs. The look on Serena's face as she realized what a great guy he was said it all.

#1. Blair: "We can never be together. Please, Chuck, just move on and be happy."
Chuck: "I can't, until I know why. I won't stop. I will use all of the power I have to find out the truth."

- Well, that's a New Year's Resolution if I ever heard one.

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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