'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The Big Sleep No More'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The Big Sleep No More'
This week's Gossip Girl took us to the theatre and also gave us a glimpse into the theatrics of all our characters' lives. The masks each character wore - both literal and metaphorical - told us a surprising amount about their true nature. Dan's lying to his parents about his stint as a famous author because he's too ashamed to be a mediocre one. Serena's been trying on all sorts of new jobs as if she were playing dress-up, but it takes an attack on her cousin 'Charlie' to bring her fierce new blog to life. Ivy and Diana have mired themselves so deep in pseudo-relationships and fake identities that, at the end of the day, no one can tell which is real and which is a lie. And finally, Chuck dons the mask of his old, destructive self just so that Blair can keep wearing the mask of her new, perfect life.

Season 5, episode 7 ("The Big Sleep No More") seemed to make all of our favorite characters regress once more, some for the greater good and some for their own selfish needs. Check out tonight's best quotes and see what you think of each new (or old) path.

Dorota (to Blair, about Chuck's apology): "Apology not seem so fake to me..."
Blair Waldorf: "That's because English is your second language!"

- Blair may not understand that what she witnessed last week was a changed Chuck, but she certainly understands that immigration jokes never get old.

Nate Archibald (about his relationship with Diana): "We don't leave her house or the office. It's just sex and work all the time. Same as before."

- Nate is probably the one guy in the world who would have a problem with this arrangement. What a sweet kid.

Blair Waldorf: "I simply cannot have Chuck Chucking with my head!"

- It's been a while since we've had a pun on the Bass name, hasn't it? Perhaps this is a sign that the Blair we used to know and love (and the relationship she used to know and love) is on its way back?

Serena van der Woodsen: "B, whatever you're thinking, stop. Just work on your relationship with Louis. Let Chuck work on himself. Meanwhile, I'll stay home and work on my blog." 

- Serena being the best friend we all knew she could be and simultaneously thinking about doing her job? Our little baby is all grown up!

Dorota (to Blair): "You really think pillows under covers trick me? You lumpier now."

- Dorota might know everything about her charge's shape, but she also knows everything that's in Blair's mind, too.

Rufus Humphrey (to Dan): "It just takes one person to connect with your art - who feels like you connected with them - to start a groundswell. But you can't connect with that person unless you show up."

- Rufus knows exactly what it takes to make it as a genuine artist; it's too bad his son doesn't seem to have inherited that gene.

Max (to Ivy): "I'm not going to drop everything just because you tell me to, Ivy." 

- Despite having only known Max for three episodes, I think we can all agree that it's heartwarming when a character finally realizes that a girl who keeps making you quit your job and move across the country just isn't worth it.

Chuck (about letting Blair go): "I've never been more good, or less happy about it."

- Poor Chuck just can't stop setting Blair free, even though he's finally become a guy worthy of keeping her.

Ivy Dickens "You don't need to be seen with some guy to define who you are."
Serena: "Don't worry, I know that."

- The fact that Serena already knows she doesn't need a guy to be relevant may be the single most shocking thing about the episode.

Diana: "Nate, you matter to me a lot. I was just trying to be cool. You know, that's my thing. Although I'm beginning to see I may need a new thing."

- Diana definitely needs a new thing. Leave our poor Nate alone!

Tatiana del Pilar
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