'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The Fasting and the Furious'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The Fasting and the Furious'
This week's Gossip Girl opened the eyes and hearts of our characters and made them remember that in order to start over, you have to remember where you're coming from. Blair recognized that New York would always be her home and firmly rooted her new family in the place where her old family would always be; Serena and Dan decided to med the broken fences of their romantic relationship in order to start afresh on their professional one; Chuck realized that the only way to turn over a new leaf was to ask someone to help you do it.

Only Ivy and Prince Louis seem out of the loop now - both keeping secrets and going behind the backs of the families they've so desperately tried to become a part of. And, of course, Diana Payne will be right there with them ready to chronicle their wrongdoings when everything blows up in their faces.

Season 5, episode 5 ("The Fasting and the Furious") helped our characters come to terms with themselves, and the night's best quotes helped the audience come to terms with GG's ability to veer from the ridiculous to the extremely heartfelt.

Recap: 'The Fasting and the Furious'

#10. Eleanor Waldorf (to Blair): "A baby?! You're still in college!"
- Is that really true, Mrs. Waldorf? I think we're going to need to see some proof.

#9. Diana Payne (to Ivy): "And you had me believe crazy was just an act? I think you might be suicidal."
- Putting yourself in the middle of the van der Woodsen's world of insanity when you're not related to them is both crazy and suicidal, so I'd say Diana's got it right here.

#8. Chuck Bass (to Dr. Barnes): "I've had sex on almost every conceivable surface, but never a therapist's couch. So there's that."
- Only Chuck Bass could make the creepiest come-on ever sound almost sexy. Just almost.

#7. Blair Waldorf (about Dan): "Are you kidding? His book is ridiculous and so is he."
- Ahhh, Blair. How quickly you forget your friends once they've published soft-core porn about you.

#6. Chuck (to Nate): "You speak Old Lady. What's my play?"
- If there's one thing Nate's an expert in, it's having "MILF rules hard-wired."

#5. Jane (to Serena): "Maybe your good friend F. Scott Fitz-Jackass had you nailed in the book."
- I couldn't decide if that was a bigger diss to Serena or Dan, but then I figured Dan would love being compared to one of the greats.

#4. Nate archibald (to Ivy): "Charlie, these might be my friends, but they're your family. And you're acting like you barely even know them."
- Nate continues his slow path to wising up by innocently catching on to Charlie's charade. Of course, then he ruins it by letting her "put away" Bart's files...

#3. Eliza Barnes (to Chuck): "You never had a childhood, and so you behave like a child in the worst ways. You pay for intimacy so you're always in control and no one can get close to you. Your superficial connections and lack of authentic emotion leave you isolated and alone. Not just tonight. Always."
- Is there even anything to say to that other than: damn. She got you good, Chuck.

#2. Serena van der Woodsen (to Dan): "You were the love of my life, Dan. I guess I just thought I was yours, too."
- As selfish as Serena can be sometimes, watching her opening her heart like that to the one guy who could crush it the most was breath-taking.

#1. Eleanor (to Blair): "Children don't do what you want them to do all the time, when you want them to do it. But you love them anyway."
- Eleanor might have grown the most out of any character on this show. From practically forcing Blair to eat a whole pie in season 1 to telling her she'll love her no matter what she does in season 5? We're so very proud of Mama Waldorf.

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