'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'It Girl, Interrupted'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'It Girl, Interrupted'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl was all about getting what you want and then realizing it was all wrong - or perhaps not getting what you want but deciding you liked your other options better anyway. Serena spent all evening using Lola to get herself off of society's pages, but then ended up getting used by Lola herself and maybe remembering how much she liked the spotlight. Nate teamed up with Lola to get Diana's cougar self off his back, but was left wanting a little more when Diana finally walked away. Blair, meanwhile, was released from her princess contract with Chuck's help but wasn't sure if she was ready to give up the tiaras and frilly pink dresses quite yet.

"It Girl, Interrupted" reminded us of just how much we have left to discover about our favorite characters and, more importantly, how much they have left to discover about themselves. Here are some of the episode's best reflective quotes:

Nate Archibald (about Diana): "I'm not worried about it."
Chuck Bass: "I told myself the same thing before my night with the Australian Women's softball team. I ended up with a fractured rib and a tattoo of a kangaroo I didn't know I had for a month." 

- Stop making these amazing things happen off-screen! Pretty sure we need a million episodes depicting Chuck's exploits.

Blair Waldorf (to Dan): "Serena's around, we shouldn't rub it in her face."

- I just had to include this because apparently making out with Dan in front of Serena while her grandmother is dying isn't rubbing it in her face.

Lily van der Woodsen (about Ivy): "We do not negotiate with terrorists! Especially not ones from Florida." 

- Burn, Florida, burn!

Andrew Tyler: "At this point, maybe you need a friend more than you need a private investigator." 

- Chuck's entire life story in a nutshell.

Nate Archibald: "I think you're just kinda Humphrey-ing out here." 

- Just makes me miss Jenny, you know? No one Humphrey-ed out like her.

Blair (to Dorota): "Divorce is a private matter. You'll see for yourself one day."

- Threatening Dorota and Vanya's perfection? NEVER. 

Chuck (to Blair): "I just wanted you to be free. Whom you choose to love with that freedom is up to you."

- Chuck's grown up so much this season, but unfortunately letting Blair make her own decisions only seems to take the show in circles.

Serena van der Woodsen: "You totally used me!"   

- And the Most Hypocritical Award goes to...

Lola: "It's how you use your power that counts."

- A wonderful lesson that everyone on this show needs to learn - especially Serena this week.

Andrew Tyler (to Chuck): "Elizabeth is not your mother." 
- Then who is?! Just tell us!

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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