'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'G.G'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'G.G'
Tonight marked the milestone 100th episode of Gossip Girl, and the writers graced us with more callbacks to the pilot than we can count. While "Young Folks" and references to Nate/Blair and Nate/Serena brought us back to that fateful day five years ago when it all began, they also highlighted just how much these characters had grown and matured - to a certain extent. Blair traded a fake Queen headband for a real Princess tiara, even though her royal consort is still not a man who truly loved her; Chuck put aside his schemes and tried his best to let Blair make her own choices, but everyone else still can't stop assuming he's the same guy as before; Serena decided to fight for Dan regardless of possible rejection, just as Dan continued drifting onto his next muse; and Nate strove to uncover the reason why he always fall for the wrong girls, while accidentally walking right into the same trap of lies he always does.

Despite the Royal Wedding being the talk of the episode, "G.G." gave us something much, much more important. It's only fitting that, after 100 episodes of being shrouded in mystery, Gossip Girl herself finally makes the most changes of all. She didn't provide all of this week's best quotes, but the progress she's forced our characters to make was embodied in almost everything they uttered:

#10. Gossip Girl: "Once upon a time, Princess B was a virgin queen and her king was named Archibald. Who would have thought that in just 5 short years she would turn that headband into a tiara for real?" 

- Leave it to GG to remind us of how much things have changed on our favorite show. But Blair's not the only one whose made incredible transformations.

#9. Chuck Bass (to Father Cavalia about the Priest smock he's handed): "I'm sorry, Father, I don't play those sort of games anymore."  

- Okay! Who feels even more gypped than ever that we never got to see Chuck's crazy sex games in season 3?

#8. Louis Grimaldi (to Serena about Blair): "Can you believe it? She's marrying me!" 

- No, Louis. Literally no one can believe it - not even you.

#7. Serena Van der Woodsen: "Dan Humphrey, my hero. The Dan I knew five years ago could barely box step, and now you're volunteering to dance?" 

- The thing Serena doesn't realize is that Dan's need to save damsels in distress far outweighs his fear of dancing with two left feet.

#6. Chuck Bass: "I can't allow you to destroy Blair's wedding. You think because I love her, I want her all to myself, but I'm not that man anymore. I just want her to be happy, and if marrying Louis will do that for her, that's what's going to happen." 

- Chuck taking control of his own scheming impulses and refusing to ruin Blair's big day? Swoon! Season 1 Chuck is rolling over in his grave.

#5. Georgina Sparks: "Bless us, Father. I have a feeling we're about to sin."

- The 100th episode milestone definitely needed Georgina looking to God to give her a helping hand in destruction. After all, Jesus owes her one. 

#4. Nate Archibald: "Maybe that's my issue. Paying too much attention to the wrong girls and not enough to the right ones."
Dan Humphrey: "If we're listing off your issues, I'm not sure I'd start with that one."

- Leave it to Nate Archibald to figure out the least of his problems 100 episodes later.

#3. Georgina: "What's the point of doing something scandalous if you don't record it?"   
Mr. Sparks: "There's going to be a scandal?!"

- Georgina distills the entire moral of Gossip Girl in one short sentence, and her husband's innocence makes us fall utterly in love with the idea of Georgie matched up with someone so ... sweet.

#2. Blair Waldorf: "At least I have someone who loves me by my side. You should find someone who loves you, too."
Chuck: "I have. She's standing right in front of me."

- This sentiment is so sweet and goes right along with Blair insisting that sometimes the best way to love someone is to stay away from them. But doesn't it also make you wonder if anyone else will ever love Chuck? Blair's already got three dudes loving her - maybe she can share?

#1. Serena (to Blair): "I know you think you can't be with Chuck because of the pact you made with God. But maybe the pact is just an excuse to protect yourself from the messiness and uncertainty of a life with the man you really love." 

- Serena is the smartest person on Gossip Girl tonight. Well, the smartest other that Gossip Girl herself, but that's something to discuss once everyone has watched...

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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