'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'Father and the Bride'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'Father and the Bride'
Gossip Girl this week focused on many of our favorite characters struggling between right and wrong as they maneuvered their way through religion, careers, family and true love. While Chuck teetered dangerously close to the edge of regression in his quest to win Blair back and Serena resorted to petty lies to recapture what she once had with Dan, Nate was able to cut ties with his family in favor of becoming his own man - a man who wouldn't lie or cheat or hurt others for his own gain. Beatrice, on the other hand, cut ties with her former paramour when she realized he would scheme to stay in the royal court but not lift a finger to fight for her love.

The Upper East Side may have been dealing with its moral dilemmas in "Father and the Bride," but the episode wasn't without some great witticisms. Whether we were sighing over unrequited love, or laughing uncomfortably at various characters' misuse of religion, the best quotes of the night left us wanting more: 

#10. Nate Archibald: "Unless Christina Aguilera is mad about our Baby Bumper Mexican Lunch article, I don't think there's anything in here worth hurting me for." 

- Nate Archibald is indeed a precious commodity. Nothing is worth hurting that pretty face for. Leave him alone, Xtina!

#9. Beatrice Grimaldi (to Blair): "Even without the male strippers and a penis cake, I cannot wait!"  

- Being excited about a bachelorette party without strippers or penis cake?! THAT'S friendship!

#8. Blair Waldorf: "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I pressed the close button on the elevator door when I saw a woman running to catch it." 

- If anyone knows how to make a stellar confession, it's Blair Waldorf.

#7. Nate (about Blair going to church): "Please tell me you didn't follow her inside." 
Chuck Bass: "Of course not. I wasn't to risk blowing my cover, or bursting into flames."

- Despite all the growing he's done this season, Chuck knows he's still the devil on Blair's shoulder.

#6. Blair (to Chuck): "What are you doing here?! And don't say shopping for velour track pants!" 

- We need to see Chuck shopping for those pants now. Favorite shopping trip, yes?

#5. Dan Humphrey (about his next book): "I was really hoping to stretch on this one."
Producer: "Then take a Yoga class!" 

- As much as I agree that Dan can probably only write what he knows well, this scene really highlights not only Dan's rock and a hard place when it comes to his life versus his passion, but also the frustrations of any writer working within a commercial industry.

#4. Beatrice: "You cannot choose who you love."
Blair: "But you can choose how you love them. And there are some people you can only love by not being with them."

- Blair may be talking about a pact with God to save someone's life here, but her words have repercussions throughout the episode. When the person you love isn't good for you, or is better off without you, then sometimes the best way to show you care is to just walk away.

#3. Grandfather Vanderbilt (to Tripp): "That's it? That's your answer? Not enough love?"   

- While he may be incredulous that Tripp won't take responsibility for his own actions - and he has a right to be - it is true that feeling unloved or unwanted can drive us to wild extremes. Chuck and Serena are lesser proof of that this week, but Tripp is the real lesson we need to learn from.

#2. Dan: "I never thought I would read something written by Serena Van der Woodsen that made me laugh out loud. And even more impressive ... there may have been a lump in my throat."

- Only Dan Humphrey could manage to insult a lady's intelligence while complimenting her skills.

#1. Chuck (to Serena): "I'm not done. There's one thing I learned from Blair - you don't give up on people you love." 

- As much Chuck's Machiavellian methods may do more harm than good sometimes, it's heartwarming to hear that he is not planning to repeat his great mistake of giving up on Blair when the going gets tough.

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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