'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'All the Pretty Sources'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'All the Pretty Sources'
This week's Gossip Girl episode reminded us that hos sometimes do come before bros - especially when that 'bro' is Blair's meddling fiance who will stop at nothing to alienate her from her best friend in the world, Serena. Creepy, huh? Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan cemented their bromance by commiserating over having lost the girl they both wanted, whereas Ivy and Diana made new enemies out of old allies. 

Season 5, episode 8 ("All The Pretty Sources") had a lot to say about friendship - from Nate and Serena putting their careers on the line to avoid hurting their friends to Blair and Chuck setting their hearts' desires aside to defend theirs  - and tonight's best quotes show which characters did right by their fellow friends and which might want to watch who they turn their back on.

Chuck Bass (to the minis): "Girls, I have been trying very hard lately to be good, yet I don't feel the slightest pang of guilt at unleashing my attack dog right now. But I should warn you, he's trained to go after fake Prada."

- Chuck may have changed, but thank goodness he still has it in him to mess with the heads of bratty little girls!

Blair Waldorf: "I happen to know my friends always have my back."

- While this isn't always strictly true, it certainly is a nice reminder that the NJBC still holds true in Blair's heart.

Chuck: "Are you willing to get a haircut and change your clothes?"
Dan Humphrey: "No."
Chuck: "Then I'm not sure what I can do for you."

- Dan may steal someone's alcohol and crash someone else's wedding, but he is not going to change what he looks like! And we love him for it.

Charlie/Ivy (to Lily and Max): "You never know who you can trust, or what people's true motives are." 

- Our dear friend Chivey gives us an impassioned speech ... that's basically about herself.

Diana Payne (to Nate): "Unless you have pictures of Serena in bed with both Hunger Games boys, that's not going to cut it."

- Someone tell me why this isn't a story line yet?! 

Jessica the Minion (to Blair): "Dress casual. I think the line from the Evite was 'Jeans okay.'"

- For once, the minions knew the perfect thing to say to make Blair want to kill herself, or max out her credit card. "Whichever comes first."

Serena van der Woodsen: "I have to say how lucky I am to have Blair Waldorf as my best friend. I may be the maid of honor, but the true honor is just knowing you, B. There's simply no one like her, no matter how hard some of you try."

- The entire speech made me tear up a bit, but the best part was the put-down to all other wannabes who fail to properly emulate Blair's particular brand of Evil Princess.

Dan (to people he doesn't know): "As you can tell by my casual attire, I'm crashing this party."

- I'm not sure it's the casual attire that gave it away, but man do I love drunk Dan.

Blair (to Louis): "You see those people leaving? Why don't you join them?"

- Blair finally taking a stand and proving that she doesn't have to give up the person she is, or the friends she loves, just to please her man.

Gossip Girl (when Blair goes to see Chuck): "Try as you might to fight it... You know you love me."

- Truer words, GG. Truer words.

Tatiana del Pilar
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