'Gossip Girl' 3.03 "The Lost Boy": Best and Worst Quotes and Moments
'Gossip Girl' 3.03 "The Lost Boy": Best and Worst Quotes and Moments
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Were you lost in ecstasy during tonight's Gossip Girl episode, "The Lost Boy," or were you (like Serena here) just simply... lost?

As for me, I was a bit confused by... well, lots of things. But that doesn't mean tonight's episode didn't have its share of stellar quotes and Chair love!

A full recap is coming your way soon, but for now, check out my favorite moments and quotes from Gossip Girl season 3 episode 3, "The Lost Boy," and tell me what you thought of the episode.

Best Quotes:
  • Chuck, to himself in disbelief: "She stole my shoes?"
  • Serena to Dan, on Georgina: "I would just check to make sure there's not an ice pick under the bed."
  • Blair to Serena: "Oh, and you really are making a huge mistake. Bye!"
  • Blair to Chuck: "Show him respect? He's a club owner, not a mafia don."
  • Chuck and Blair: "I came to apologize." / "So apologize." / "That was it."
  • Goergina and Dan: "This is my kind of date." / "Racing to an art auction to confront a possible stalker? What, was your last boyfriend Batman?"
  • Blair to Chuck: "Because I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass."

georgina-screensaver.jpgIs this the face (and desktop) of a Basic Instinct-esque murderer? The short answer: Probably.

Worst Quotes:
  • Gossip Girl's many mixed "auction" metaphors. Did our beloved blogger come down with a fall flu? Something had her off her witty game tonight.
  • Jenny had just two lines, and they both referred to that doofus, Scott. And Eric said NOTHING? So little of Little J and Eric will. not. STAND!
  • Registrar to Vanessa: "My last boyfriend told me that his dad invented the battery." (Um... okay?)

Best Moments:

  • Blair's pep talk to Chuck: "I believe in you. And if this is what it takes for you to believe in you, then it's worth it."
  • We finally find out what happened in Santorini, and discover that maybe Carter IS a quality dude! Downside (for him): Serena isn't exactly worthy of all his hard work, now is she?
  • Serena buys the painting to get back at Blair and Chuck, but then ends up giving it to them anyway, effectively giving them a $7K gift for their betrayal of Carter. Hilarious.
  • Georgina, the REAL Georgina, the crazy, stalking, no-holds-barred bitch Georgina, is finally back! Extra points for her creepy Dan wallpaper on her Macbook Air.
  • Twice, Scott tells Rufus he needs to talk to him. And twice, Rufus makes the moment about himself and cuts the poor kid off. Always polishing up his "dad of the year" trophy, that Mr. Humphrey.
  • Chuck's thank you gift to Blair: The heartwarming words, "Because you believe in me," a bottle of Dom, and the penthouse of his new hotel. Oh, to be young, rich, and in love...
"Thanks for dating me, even though I wear pink bowties."

Worst Moments:
  • Nate and Bree can't get through two lines without making out. Yuck.
  • Scott gets the chance to tell Rufus who he is... and he chickens out. It must be in the Humphrey blood. But the secret remaining a secret just secures that we will have to suffer through more Scott this season. Boo!
  • Bree and Carter have a hidden, troublesome past together? Sigh. Here we go again...

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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