Fan Columnist 'Gossip Girl' Recap: I Want to Play a LoveGame and Have a Bad Romance with Your Poker Face
Fan Columnist 'Gossip Girl' Recap:  I Want to Play a LoveGame and Have a Bad Romance with Your Poker Face
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night on Gossip Girl episode 3.10, "The Last Days of Disco Stick":

Nate shakes his man-bangs at Dan and Serena's stupidity. Jenny is taken advantage of and Chuck protects her, no really. We say farewell to Olivia. And Blair wears tights as pants.

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Blair and Chuck momentarily talk in the park about their plans to take over NYU and the hotel business, respectively. Blair needs to recruit the children of filmmakers as her friends and Chuck needs to impress an ambassador's son. They come to the conclusion that they are too busy taking over the world to see each other the rest of the episode.

Dan is walking about town, high-fiving people, and doing little spins when he runs into Nate. Nate informs Dan of his idiocy by telling him that Vanessa and Olivia will be jealous of each other after the "you know what" happened. Nate also tells Dan that he shouldn't take his girlfriend or his girl friend for granted because Nate himself doesn't have either, now that Serena left him. Confusing, I know.

Dan tries to convince Nate that things are fine between him and Vanessa by inviting her to their traditional Morrissey show. Vanessa agrees, but it is clear that their relationship has gotten awkward. Dan also puts Vanessa before Olivia in his plans, only adding to their post threesome tension.

Blair is set on impressing the children of Hollywood hotshots with the knowledge that Cyrus Rose, big entertainment lawyer, is her step-father. They don't seem to think Blair's connections are valid enough for them to associate themselves with her, but we know Blair Waldorf does not go down without a fight.

Lily is helping Jenny find a date for a vague society event and/or party, when in walks Chuck (I only kid). Chuck happens to be with an ambassador's son he is entertaining for the evening. Lily offers Jenny to show Damien around town and she complies.

Blair consults Olivia on how to win over famous people. Olivia decides to help Blair's cause by inviting her to the fairy-tale themed cabaret. Olivia works out a way to manipulate Dan into spending time with her instead of Vanessa and she and Blair share a knowing devious look.

Serena and Tripp have sexual tension at the office, but still don't act on it. Tripp tells Serena not to worry about the uneasiness between them because he will be moving to Washington DC soon.

Serena asks Nate for advice about Tripp and he tells Serena not to start an affair with a married man. Nate's brilliance astounds me. To distract Serena from Tripp, he does the only thing he knows how to do, get her good and drunk.

Jenny goes on her not-date with Damien, only to find out he likes to sail boats. Little did she know, that is how he transfers drugs. He later takes her to a club and has her assist him in one of his drug deals. Luckily, Chuck stops things before they go too far. Jenny tells her sort-of-step-brother that she won't see Damien anymore and proceeds to text him she can't wait to meet up again. Little J sure knows how to pick 'em.

Blair, Dan, Olivia, and Blair put on a modern day Snow White at the cabaret. Dan realizes his true feelings for Vanessa with the help of his girlfriend. Olivia decides to take on a movie that will force her to leave NYU. Vanessa reveals that she only likes Dan as a friend. Blair gains an alliance with the TISCH kids.

Serena and Nate reminisce times of drunken Shepard weddings past. Nate reveals her his true feelings for her and Serena goes back to Tripp to have an affair with him. Oh, Serena, when will you ever learn?

Oh, Lady Gaga also performs.

-Ella Thompson, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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