5 Reasons to Get Excited for 'Gossip Girl' in Paris
5 Reasons to Get Excited for 'Gossip Girl' in Paris
Oh mon dieu! Gossip Girl is back Sept. 13 at 9pm on the CW. And if you lost a little faith in the show after last season, it's time to find it again in the streets of gay Paris.

Looking for more reasons to tune in than just The City of Light as a backdrop? I've got five for you.

Gossip Girl
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Vive le Chuck!
Yay! Chuck's alive! Of course, we all knew that already. Ah, but what we didn't know is that just because Chuck is alive doesn't mean Chuck Bass still exists. Intrigued?

The Prince and the Pauper
You don't want to miss the ridiculous retelling of Mark Twain's classic, as experienced by Blair, who--spoiler alert!--plays neither the prince nor the pauper. She does play a convincing spoiled princess, though.

Serena la Slut
I really feel like the word "slut" should transcend languages and continents. While the word itself may not, thankfully Serena's slutty behavior certainly does. Waiters, bartenders, random guys on mopeds--Paris is Serena's own personal all-you-can-sleep-with buffet.

Nate's a Slut Too
Chuck left Nate his little black book to play with over the summer, and it looks like Nate made it all the way from the A's through the S's, T's and D's. But once Katie Cassidy's Juliette comes on the scene, Nate takes his nose out of the little black book. But Juliette's looks can be deceiving: We're definitely given reason to belive Juliette might be Gossip Girl! But apparently, it's just a red herring. There is something fishy going on there, though.

Jenny Got Replaced by a Baby

No more Jenny Humphrey! At least for right now. To fill the void, the writers have given us Georgina's baby--Dan is supposedly the father, but I have serious doubts. I also have serious doubts about Dan's intelligence, since he's willing to just take Georgina's word for it that she got a paternity test for him. How do you even get a paternity test for someone without them knowing? Doesn't it require blood or saliva? Oh, Dan.

Does that give you enough reasons to tune in tonight? How about one more: the ridiculous fashion and hairstyles Serena sports in Paris. It's as if she didn't just go to Europe, but to another dimension in which they wear clothes from the future.

Who are you excited to see tonight? Any predictions for the season? Sound off in the comments below!

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